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March 2018

  • Barb DiGiulio, the host of the popular daily radio show “The Night Side,” talks to Andrew about a dispute in Pittsburgh. The father, John Orsini, has gone to court to prevent his youngest son from playing high school football because of the safety risks, especially for someone like his son, who has a history of concussions. The boy’s mother, Mr. Orsini’s ex-wife, believes he should be allowed to continue playing because he understands the risks. Andrew says that John Orsini may have a strong case, due to the fact that family law courts will in the best interest of the child. (Newstalk 1010 Toronto)

February 2018

  • Barb DiGiulio, the host of the popular daily radio show “The Night Side,” talks to Andrew about how Kevin Federline wants more child support from Britney Spears due to her residency success in Las Vegas. Kevin is currently receiving $20,000 per month and they are currently co-parenting their two sons. Markham family lawyer Andrew Feldstein explains that (in Canada) child support payments automatically increase when the child support payor has a higher income. (Newstalk 1010 Toronto)

December 2017

  • Bill Hayes, guest host of the popular daily radio show “The Night Side,” talks to Markham family lawyer Andrew Feldstein about how common remarrying and reconciliation are in family law matters. They also touch on mediation, divorce costs and timelines, the downfall of litigation and what divorces will look like in 2018. (Newstalk 1010 Toronto)

November 2017

  • Barb DiGiulio, the host of the popular daily radio show “The Night Side,” talks to Markham family lawyer Andrew Feldstein about if parents should stay married, and avoid divorce, for the sake of their children. Andrew and Barb discuss the pros and cons of divorce relating to children, as well as the importance of co-parenting. (Newstalk 1010 Toronto)

September 2017

  • Barb DiGiulio, the host of the popular daily radio show “The Night Side,” talks to Andrew Feldstein about the five questions to ask yourself before going through with a divorce. According to Andrew, most people who visit his office for an initial consultation don’t understand the complexities of a divorce. This show is a must-listen for those considering divorce. (Newstalk 1010 Toronto)
  • Argument to permit family law contingency fees – “Family Lawyer Andrew Feldstein says introducing contingency fees to family law matters would impose practical difficulties because the amount a client recovers is not always in proportion to the risks for the lawyer who takes them on, especially with pricey assets such as homes frequently at stake in family litigation.” (Law Times)
  • Barb DiGiulio, the host of the popular daily radio show “The Night Side,” talks to Andrew Feldstein about self-representation and family law. Topics include why people choose to represent themselves during divorce proceedings, retainer agreements and what people should consider if they’re thinking about representing themselves. (Newstalk 1010 Toronto)

July 2017

  • Barb DiGiulio, the host of the popular daily radio show “The Night Side,” talks to Andrew Feldstein about a Brampton single mother who launched a constitutional challenge to win child support for her 22-year-old disabled son. (Newstalk 1010 Toronto)

May 2017

  • Popular radio host Barb DiGiulio interviewed Andrew Feldstein about a variety of family law matters including what happens when a parent takes their child to another country without the other parent’s permission. (Newstalk 1010 Toronto)

April 2017

  • Andrew Feldstein is interviewed by ‘The Night Side’ host Barb DiGiulio about an Oshawa father who is paying twice his monthly after-tax income to his ex-wife as well as other family law issues. (Newstalk 1010 Toronto)

March 2017

  • Popular radio host Barb DiGiulio interviewed Andrew Feldstein about a mother who concealed from her husband the fact that he was not the father of her child. (Newstalk 1010 Toronto)
  • Barb DiGiulio, host of the popular daily radio show “The Night Side,” talks to Andrew Feldstein about the current busy divorce season, and putting lawyers on “layaway”. Plus, Andrew takes listeners’ questions on custody, access, child support, spousal support, and division of net family property. (Newstalk 1010 Toronto)
  • Toronto radio host Jerry Agar of Newstalk1010 talks with Toronto family lawyer Andrew Feldstein about what happens to pets during divorce and some of the silliest things you’ve seen people fight over. (Newstalk 1010 Toronto)

February 2017

  • Toronto radio host Jerry Agar of Newstalk1010 talks with Toronto family lawyer Andrew Feldstein about the well-known battle of parental custody wars and the poor kids caught in the middle. (Newstalk 1010 Toronto)

January 2017

  • "Gifted down payments between family members have gone up 7% since 2000. In fact, 2016 was the most gifted down payments I’ve ever seen and the largest.” According to Toronto Mortgage Broker Darin Bauer. In 2017, high real estate costs and new mortgage restrictions are making it almost impossible to buy a home. Federal rules force anyone applying for a mortgage to undergo a stress test.The new stress test — designed to predict whether homeowners could shoulder their debt if interest rates or their personal financial situation were to change could be completely out of the market should interest rates rise. Toronto family lawyer Andrew Feldstein says any gift that goes into a matrimonial home is subject to being divvied up, even if there’s a letter stipulating who the gift is for. “Obviously, nobody buys property with their spouse and anticipates a split, but if that happens, your relative may not want your ex-spouse to walk away with half of that money,” Kouroshnia explains on her blog.” "Absent a prenup, you’re out of luck,” Feldstein warned. He adds you can get a “single issue” prenup (which may cost you a couple of thousand dollars) even after you’ve already tied the knot.(Global TV News, Toronto)

December 2016

November 2016

  • NEWSTALK1010′s Jerry Agar interviews Andrew Feldstein about a Brampton mother, Robyn Coates, seeking child support for her disabled 21-year-old adult son Josh. Robyn claims the Ontario Family Law Act discriminates against adult children with disabilities. Josh’s father, Wayne Watson, says his financial obligation is over now that he’s an adult. Under the Ontario Family Law Act, adult children are eligible for child support only if they are in school full-time.”There is a lot of consistency between The Divorce Act and The Family Law Act when it comes to child support and spousal support, this is probably the last inconsistency and it’s surprising that the provincial legislature hasn’t done anything with it in years,” Feldstein told NEWSTALK1010. (Newstalk 1010)
  • Andrew Feldstein tells Peter Merrick that cohabitation agreements are a smart precaution for unmarried couples, where individuals can contract in or contract out of the rights and obligations imposed by the law. (The Bottom Line)

September 2016

July 2016

June 2016

  • Andrew Feldstein, a regular guest of “The Night Side” hosted by Barb Di Giulio, answers listeners’ questions about support, access, division of property, mobility, and the role of the Family Responsibility Office (FRO). (Newstalk 1010)
  • "Toronto Speaks: Legal Advice"
    • Part 1 – Host Natalka Falcomer asks Andrew Feldstein about the high profile divorce of French fry heiress Eleanor McCain and Arts administrator Jeff Melanson. Why is she asking for an annulment? Because when a marriage ends, the person who makes less money gets an equalization payment from the person with more money. Eleanor McCain is using the legal strategy of an annulment because an equalization payment would be unconscionable after such a short marriage.
    • Part 2 – A marriage contract [a “prenup” in the US] is a good way to protect yourself and your assets prior to marriage. In order to negotiate a solid marriage contract that will hold up in court, you need full and frank financial disclosure and each side must have a separate lawyer. The contract can deal with the division of property and spousal support. The contract cannot deal with child custody, child access, child support, or exclusive possession of the matrimonial home.
    • Part 3 – A viewer asks about how child expenses are divided between the spouses. Child expenses are divided proportionately, so if you make $100,000 and your spouse makes $50,000, you would pay two-thirds of child support. A viewer asks about her ex, who is paying child support but wants nothing to do with their son.
    • Part 4 – A caller asks about her late father, whose common-law partner is now suing the estate. Her father didn’t change his Will after he got divorced, so his ex-wife and not his common-law partner of 17 years was the beneficiary of the estate.
    • Part 5 – A caller asks about access to a son who was born in the USA of an American mother. What are his rights? It starts with the habitual residence of the child, who is living in New York State, so the caller would need to retain an American lawyer in New York State to get a workable child access schedule.
    • Part 6 – A caller asks about an outstanding item from the separation agreement, which was dealing with pension splitting. The caller has asked her ex repeatedly about this, but her requests have been ignored for six months. If it is in the separation agreement, she should also be able to get her legal costs back to complete the documents. (Rogers TV Toronto)

March 2016

  • Entertainment reporter Nick Patch outlines what are the Canadian laws on divorce, a common-law split, and annulment, quoting Andrew Feldstein. (The Hamilton Spectator)
  • McCain heiress says TSO boss Jeff Melanson married her to redeem his reputation Toronto Star entertainment reporter Nick Patch outlines what are the Canadian laws on divorce, a common-law split, and annulment, quoting Andrew Feldstein. (The Toronto Star)
  • McCain and Melanson: An arts-world marriage unravels In the high profile separation of French fry heiress Eleanor McCain and Arts administrator Jeff Melanson, Ms. McCain is seeking an annulment, write reporters Tu Thanh Ha and Marsha Lederman. An annulment is rarely granted.“So if the marriage never happened, then the other spouse would not be entitled to a division of that family’s property, they would not have any rights to possession of the matrimonial home,” Mr. Feldstein said. (The Globe and Mail)

January 2016

  • The first Monday after the December holidays is known as “Divorce Day.” In 2016 that is Monday, January 4th, where Andrew Feldstein was a guest on “The Night Side,” with Barb DiGiulio, taking listeners’ questions about separation, custody, support, and division of assets. (Newstalk 1010)
  • The first Monday after the holidays is known as “Divorce Day,” Andrew Feldstein tells Global TV News. “And, normally it is the wife who initiates divorce proceedings,” he adds. (Global TV News, Toronto)

November 2015

October 2015

September 2015

  • Reporter Michael McKiernan interviewed Andrew Feldstein for the article “Family law evolves to offer a range of services.” “People want resolutions faster than they did 20 years ago,” says Feldstein. (The Law Times)
  • Technology writer Luigi Benetton spoke with Andrew Feldstein about “Technology changes don’t need to be expensive.” Reducing the need to print documents, regular computer upgrades, and daily data back-ups are priorities at Feldstein Family Law Group. (The Lawyers Weekly)

August 2015

  • Grant Cameron talks to Andrew Feldstein about Keeping the lines of communication open at his law firm. “Once a month we have a lunch with myself and the lawyers. That way we can all talk and hear their thoughts and ideas. Once every two months we have a staff meeting with the clerks. It’s important to have the lines of communication open,” says Feldstein. (The Lawyers Weekly)
  • Geoff Kirbyson talks to Andrew Feldstein about limited-scope retainers (also called unbundled legal services) in Family Law in Get it in writing for law a la carte. Perhaps the biggest benefit to the client from limited-scope representation is the improved access to justice as clients can order from a menu of legal services and lower their overall costs. (The Lawyers Weekly)
  • Peter Merrick, columnist at The Bottom Line newspaper for the accounting industry, speaks to Andrew Feldstein about “The Harsh Reality of Spousal Support.” Court-ordered spousal support continues, even if the recipient spouse remarries. This is particularly true of high income earners who tend to be men the majority of the time, but high-income earning women have been surprised by this, too. (The Bottom Line)

July 2015

  • Barb DiGiulio, host of The Night Side, talks to Andrew Feldstein about the hacking of, known as the website for cheaters. Their motto is “Life is short. Have an affair.” On July 19, 2015, the website was hacked and confidential and compromising information was stolen from 37 million account holders. Plus, Andrew answers listeners’ questions about division of property, child and spousal support, and parental alienation. (Newstalk 1010)
  • A letter bomb to a Winnipeg family law lawyer prompts a national discussion about safety in this line of work. Andrew Feldstein admits to receiving two death threats in three months at Feldstein Family Law Group. “It makes you a little more paranoid,” says Feldstein. (The Toronto Star)
  • Feldstein Family Group Expands to Oakville, writes Julius Melnitzer. (The Financial Post)

May 2015

  • Andrew Feldstein agreed the lack of contingency fees for Ontario Family Law lawyers (allowed in all other Canadian provinces) was “a barrier to accessing justice.” (Toronto Star)
  • Andrew Feldstein writes about Horowitz v. Nightingale, a recent family law case where the judge imputed an annual gift of money by the husband’s parents, to the husband’s annual income for support purposes. This is the first time an annual gift of money has been imputed as income for support and serves as a warning bell to Baby Boomers helping to support their adult children and grandchildren.(Lawyers Weekly)
  • Newstalk 1010’s Jim Richards interviews Andrew Feldstein about an Ottawa case where Federal civil servant Robert Cossette, 55, wanted to take an early retirement and thereby end support payment of $1,000 per month to his ex-wife. The retirement in Mr. Cossette’s mind constituted a material change in circumstances. The motions judge disagreed. “The obligation to the first family always come first in the mind of a judge,” Feldstein told Richards. (Newstalk 1010)

April 2015

  • Barb DiGiulio, host of Newstalk 1010’s “The Night Side,” talks to Andrew Feldstein about the intersection of mental health and family law, dysfunctional divorce, and putting your children first. Plus, listeners’ questions answered. (Newstalk 1010)

March 2015

  • Andrew Feldstein talks to Newstalk’s 1010 Barb DiGiulio, on her show “The Night Side,” about divorce and social media. Barb says that she’s not on Facebook and doesn’t want her life and personal details on display at all times. (Newstalk 1010)
  • In Chasing the paperless office, Andrew Feldstein explains that storage of paper files were a “very significant cost to my business…and the firm was spending ridiculous amount of time on paper.” (The Lawyers Weekly)

February 2015

  • Social media—from the boardroom to the bedroom. Why Facebook now figures in one-third of separation and divorce cases. People reconnect with old flames, rant about their ex, or boast about their new car or vacation. It’s all admissible in court because you posted it. (Part 1 – Interview on Rogers Mississauga, with Racquel Rodriguez)
  • Social media—a fertile hunting ground for divorce lawyers. It’s all about looking for the differences between what your ex is claiming and what he or she is posting on social media. Claiming to be poor, but then you buy a luxury car? Claiming to only make so much money, but then go on luxury vacation? It’s all discoverable and can be used against you in court. (Part 2 – Interview on Rogers Mississauga, with Racquel Rodriguez)

December 2014

  • Andrew Feldstein comments on the triple homicide of Zahra Abdille and her two sons, Faris, 13, and Zain, 8, likely by her own husband, Yusuf Abdille, who committed suicide by jumping off a bridge later the same day. She didn’t qualify for legal help and because her husband controlled their bank account, she couldn’t afford a lawyer, according to her close friend. Abdille’s motion was denied because she did not have enough evidence to prove her children were at risk. She fled the marriage twice since July 2013 to protect her children. Family lawyer Andrew Feldstein said applicants who file an ex parte motion have “a very, very heavy hurdle to get over to convince a judge to grant it.” (The Toronto Star)

November 2014

  • Steve Paikin, host of TVO’s daily public affairs program The Agenda, talks to Andrew Feldstein (Feldstein Family Law Group), Staci Lumb (Single Moms, Fresh Start), William Spotton (Canadian Association for Equality), and Holly Moore (CBC – Winnipeg) as they discuss the ongoing problems at Ontario’s Family Responsibility Office (FRO). FRO staff are tasked with attempting to collect $2.1 billion in collective payments that are in arrears; the average amount of arrears per family is ballpark $12,000. (TV Ontario)
  • As Legal Aid Ontario tries to respond to the issue of self-representation with several family law projects in the works, “Non-litigation certificates will reduce fees for legal aid and reduce family conflict without the need for court,” says Andrew Feldstein. (The Law Times)
  • “Daytime” host Val Cole and Andrew Feldstein talk about “Self-Represented Litigants” and “a-la-carte” legal services. Self-Represented Litigants (SLRs), also called unrepresented litigants, are those without a lawyer. SLRs are approaching crisis proportions in Canada. A-la-carte legal services are a good idea; you buy the legal service that you feel you can afford. (Rogers TV, Toronto)
  • Natalka Falcomer, host of “Toronto Speaks: Legal Advice,” talks with Andrew Feldstein about Edition Two, It’s Time for Justice, “In the Best Interests of the Children” white paper. Plus, what types of family law cases are best-suited for mediation. (“Toronto Speaks: Legal Advice,” Rogers Toronto – Segment 1)
  • Natalka Falcomer, host of “Toronto Speaks: Legal Advice,” talks with Andrew Feldstein about the issues of child support, spousal support, property and the matrimonial home for married couples and for common-law couples. (“Toronto Speaks: Legal Advice,” Rogers Toronto – Segment 2)
  • A caller from Scarborough asks Andrew Feldstein on “Toronto Speaks: Legal Advice,” if a relationship with his live-in girlfriend does not work out, would she have a claim on his mortgage-free home? (“Toronto Speaks: Legal Advice,” Rogers Toronto – Segment 3)
  • A father from Etobicoke wants to change a final Court Order for custody of his 15-year-old son, so he can spend 50 per cent of the time with him. Andrew Feldstein tells the caller that to bring a Motion to Change, there has to be a material change–there has to be a reason to request the change. (“Toronto Speaks: Legal Advice,” Rogers Toronto – Segment 4)
  • A divorced man from Etobicoke wonders what is his end date for spousal support payments, given that the marriage lasted 17 years. Andrew Feldstein says that spousal support would last between 8.5 to 17 years. The other factors that the Court looks at are the ages of the spouses as well as the expectation to become self-sufficient. (“Toronto Speaks: Legal Advice,” Rogers Toronto – Segment 5)
  • A caller, Max, is separated. His ex-wife has changed the children’s schedule two months ago so the father hardly ever sees them. Before, she respected the set schedule for the children. Andrew Feldstein advises that Max needs to see his lawyer and apply for a Motion to Change. Also, caller Alvin is planning to live together with his girlfriend, who is from Calgary, is also divorced, and has a child. Alvin wants to know if his girlfriend will have a problem with her ex, and will he block her move to Toronto. Andrew Feldstein says “Absolutely!” With so-called “mobility” issues of the children, there is no middle ground, no room to compromise. (“Toronto Speaks: Legal Advice,” Rogers Toronto – Segment 6)
  • Andrew Feldstein gets personal with “Daytime” host Jeff Moore as he talks about his own divorce more than a year ago. Feldstein talks about the issues that many newly-divorced fathers worry about: How often will I be able to see my children? Will I be able to have a good lifestyle after paying child support and spousal support? (Rogers TV, Newmarket)

October 2014

  • Newstalk 1010 radio host Jim Richards asked family law lawyer Andrew Feldstein how many people are unhappy in their marriage, but don’t want to pull the plug because they will not find a suitable house as “new singles.” Feldstein’s answer: “About 40 per cent—and think about how unhealthy that is for their children.” The reason is that a house is many people’s largest single asset. (Newstalk 1010)
  • Personal finance reporter Garry Marr and general reporter Sarah Boesveld interviewed Andrew Feldstein for their front-page story in The National Post, titled The Divorce Effect: Semi-Detached Married Lives. People divorcing under the gun often end up agreeing to a lousy price because they have to sell in a hurry, said Feldstein. (The National Post)
  • Getting a divorce? Here are four things to consider before selling real estate. (The National Post)
  • In his Op-Ed article for The Huffington Post, Andrew Feldstein makes a plea to parents to put their children first during a divorce and to add their voice to the debate, to push both federal and provincial politicians to make much-needed changes to family law in Canada, such as reducing court bureaucracy, to adopt electronic documents, and to speed up divorce. (The Huffington Post)
  • Radio talk show host Jim Richards spoke with Andrew Feldstein about the release of In the Best Interests of the Children, Edition Two of It’s Time for Justice. Jim was surprised to learn that Canada’s court system still does not take advantage of simple things such as electronic appointment calendars to schedule court dates which are costing Canadians large sums of money. (Newstalk 1010)
  • Brent Bambury, host of Day 6 on CBC Radio, spoke to family law lawyer Andrew Feldstein about why some support payers do not, in fact, pay support. (CBC Radio One)
  • Andrew Feldstein’s Op-Ed on the heels of CBC Investigations’ story about ‘deadbeat parents’ in Canada collectively owing $3.7B in unpaid support.Feldstein observes that there are both genuine problems with the Family Responsibility Office (FRO) as well as a lack of understanding of the court-ordered support process. (The Huffington Post)

September 2014

  • It’s time to drag court document service into the 21st century, Andrew Feldstein tells The Law Times. “Ideally, I think the government should adopt something like this for filing, too. It’s hard to believe that in 2014, you still have to turn up at the courthouse to file material in order to get in front of a judge,” Feldstein adds. (The Law Times)

August 2014

  • In his August 15 column, lawyer coach and Lawyers Weekly columnist Gary Mitchell talks about “When disruption meets opportunity.” Mitchell mentions, spearheaded by Feldstein Family Law Group in Spring 2014, as a great example of both disruption and leadership in the legal profession. (Lawyers Weekly)

July 2014

  • The Globe and Mail’s “Drive Section” readers are the beneficiaries of five tips on how to buy a car if you are undergoing separation and divorce. Andrew Feldstein was invited to be a guest columnist. (The Globe and Mail)
  • Craft the right message to stand out from the crowd - When Andrew Feldstein started his firm, family law was a litigation-oriented practice. But that has changed, and so, too, has the branding. Instead of asking prospective clients to “put us in your corner and we’ll fight for your rights,” Feldstein Family Law Group uses messaging that focuses on people being aware of their legal rights and protecting them. (Lawyers Weekly)

June 2014

  • Andrew Feldstein interviewed about when and how to expand your law firm. When does it make sense? Are you doing substantially better, or did you just have one really good month? Who do you hire? What about your firm’s culture? And what about those pesky “unforeseen” expansion expenses? (Lawyers Weekly)

May 2014

  • Lawyer Andrew Feldstein wants to save you money with ‘do-it-yourself’ divorce website (
  • Lawyer rides ‘self-represented’ wave (Mississauga News)
  • Lawyer Andrew Feldstein wants to save you money with ‘do-it-yourself’ divorce website (Morningstar)
  • Lawyer Andrew Feldstein wants to save you money with ‘do-it-yourself’ divorce website (Arnprior News)
  • Lawyer rides ‘self-represented’ wave (Brampton Guardian)
  • Radio host Jim Richards was flabbergasted to learn that 80 per cent of Canadians go to family court without a lawyer. They are so-called ‘Self-Represented Litigants’ or ‘Unrepresented Litigants’ who are held to the same standard as lawyers when appearing in front of judges. Andrew Feldstein has launched so Canadians can save money by buying family law services they choose and doing much of the work themselves. (Newstalk 1010)
  • Family lawyer Andrew Feldstein launches ‘unbundling’ website, by Drew Hasselback. (Financial Post)
  • Andrew Feldstein also discovered an affinity for the business side of his practice, an area where he invests about 30 per cent of his time. As a result, growth, and now expansion with offices in Toronto, Markham, and Mississauga, Ont., have become part of the evolution. (Law Times)

April 2014

  • Andrew Feldstein’s article in The Huffington Post is a “friendly reminder” that if you marry a foreign national and sponsor them (and their children) to come to Canada, you are legally obligated to support your spouse for 3 years, no matter what. If the relationship fizzles out, you will be responsible for reimbursing the Federal and Provincial government for any social assistance money paid out to your ex-spouse. (The Huffington Post)

March 2014

February 2014

  • BBC Radio 5 “Live Drive” hosts Peter and Samantha spoke with Andrew Feldstein about binding prenups (or marriage contracts) currently before the UK Parliament. Part of the new proposed legislation calls for “divorce calculators” that have been in place in Canada since the 1980s. (BBC Radio 5)
  • The pros & cons of practicing…(Canadian Lawyer)

January 2014

  • Andrew Feldstein talks about building the team at Feldstein Family Law Group. Not everyone is a fit. (Lawyers Weekly)
  • Columnist Leah McLaren writes from London, UK, about the fact that “divorce sucks for children.” Andrew Feldstein says that January is “Divorce Month,” as many pull the plug after one last Christmas together as a family. (The Globe and Mail)
  • Cyber-sex, sexting, lurid Facebook messages, and other forms of virtual infidelity are becoming increasingly prevalent in Family Law. While people may think their online indiscretions are harmless or “don’t count,” the consequences of their behaviour are very real. (The Huffington Post)
  • Andrew Feldstein says we must improve our court processes, including using e-documents and electronic calendaring, to improve access to justice. More money for new courthouses and more judges is not coming any time soon. (Globe and Mail)

November 2013

October 2013

September 2013

  • Lawyer speaks out against an antiquated family law system – Innovative thinker, lawyer and columnist for The Legal Post writes that Andrew Feldstein “Speaks out against the antiquated family law system.” Even lawyers are fed up with a process that at times appears to be designed to create conflict rather than solve problems efficiently, writes Kowalski. (The Legal Post, inside The National Post)
  • The Morning News with Philip Till – Host and news anchor Philip Till talks to Andrew Feldstein about bureaucracy and delays in family law—and how to fix them. Philip Till liked the topic so much, Andrew was invited back later the same day (this audio clip contains 2 interviews). (CKNW Radio, Vancouver)
  • Ontario Morning, with Wei Chen – Andrew Feldstein explains to radio host Wei Chen that we currently deal with an inefficient and expensive legal system in family law. While a couple is divorcing, the stress and trauma continue, especially on their children. “I want the politicians to actually change family law in Canada, to make it more efficient, ” said Feldstein. (CBC, London)
  • The Todd Veinotte Show – Moncton-based broadcaster Todd Veinotte, whose show is broadcast throughout the Maritimes, interviewed Andrew Feldstein about It’s Time for Justice. Veinotte seemed perplexed by a lawyer wanting to save his clients’ money. “I would rather show the client real results and do it with fewer hours, but the legal system must change first,” said Feldstein. (News 88.9, Moncton)
  • The Charles Adler Show – A 30-year veteran of radio and trusted news source in Winnipeg, Charles Adler interviewed Andrew Feldstein about It’s Time for Justice, and ways to improve family law in Canada. “Our 20th century courts are clogged by 19th century processes. Using the telephone or Skype is a real simple solution for things like case conferences. Why aren’t we doing it, in 2013?” said Feldstein. (JCOB Radio, Winnipeg)
  • Columnist Peter Merrick spoke with Andrew Feldstein about “Spousal Support and ‘the Number’.” (Mid-September 2013) (The Bottom Line)

August 2013

July 2013

  • Zoomer Magazine’s blog talks to Andrew Feldstein about how an empty-nester couple should leave assets to their respective adult children. (July 18, 2013) (Zoomer Magazine)

June 2013

  • Steven Skurka, host of Closing Arguments, interviews Andrew Feldstein on Bill C-32 (same-sex divorce in Canada) as well as the U.S. Supreme Court overturning both the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA, 1994) and California’s Proposition 8 (ban on gay marriage). June 30, 2013 (CFRB NewsTalk 1010 Radio)
  • Hague Convention no slam dunk. (June 17, 2013) (Law Times)
  • Lawyers offered tips on taxes (June 3, 2013) (Law Times)

April 2013

March 2013

  • Andrew Feldstein and Mary Tersigni interviewed by David Wojcik, host of “In Business,” on a segment called “Lose the spouse, keep the business.” (Rogers Cable 10, Mississauga, March 11, 2013)
  • Radio host Jerry Agar (Newstalk 1010) interviews Andrew Feldstein about what happens when both parents die in an accident and a surviving child is very young. (NewsTalk 1010 Radio)
  • In The Know – Alternatives to going to court. (Rogers Cable)

February 2013

January 2013

  • Fair, accurate reporting a must under new policy (Advocate Daily)
  • Spousal Support: Maple Leaf Foods President’s Ex-wife Case (NewsTalk 1010 Radio)

December 2012

October 2012

September 2012

July 2012

May 2012

March 2012

February 2012

January 2012

December 2011

November 2011

September 2011

August 2011

July 2011

June 2011

March 2009

  • Picking up the pieces when families break up (Metro News)

February 2009

  • Pension changes: the devil is in the details (The Law Times)

November 2008

  • Parental Alienation Syndrome on the Rise (The Law Times)

July 2008

December 2007

September 2006

  • Stronach Named in Domi Divorce (The Toronto Star)

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    Our team is able to meet with you and provide quality family law legal services in Markham, Oakville, Mississauga, Vaughan, and the surrounding areas.

  • Quick Response Times by Email & Phone

    This is one of the most difficult times in your life and our goal is to help make this transition as smooth as possible. To help put your mind at ease we ensure that our team is always available to guide you.

  • Free Consultations

    We understand you have questions and need guidance on your next step. We make getting these questions answered as easy as possible. We offer free consultations for our new clients.

  • 25 Years of Experience

    Experience Matters. Our founding attorney has over 25 years of experience in the legal field. As a firm you get over a century of dedicated legal experience advocating for your family's best interests. 

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