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Unbundled Legal Services

Divorce & Family Law Lawyers in Ontario

Typically when our clients retain our services, they will receive comprehensive representation from Ontario divorce lawyers who will assist in all aspects of their matter. However, we also offer the option for clients to retain our services on a limited retainer basis. This is known as the unbundling of legal services. At Feldstein Family Law Group P.C. we understand that the expense associated with comprehensive legal services can be prohibitive to many, but we also understand that the legal system can be quite confusing and daunting to face entirely on your own.

The unbundling of legal services offers you an option for qualified legal representation. If you are comfortable in representing yourself, but want legal guidance in certain areas, then the unbundling of our services can be a cost effective option for you. In whatever way we can, we are here to help you get through this difficult time in your life.

If you would like to discuss this option further with one of our lawyers, please call us at (905) 581-7222 and we can arrange a consultation for you.

Our Unbundled Legal Services

Examples of the type of unbundled services we offer to self-represented parties include:

  • Drafting services to prepare pleadings (notice of claims and replies), affidavits, and notice of motions;
  • Drafting of case conference briefs and settlement conference briefs;
  • Consultation on a specific legal issue;
  • Preparing you for examinations, mediation, settlement conference, and/or trial;
  • Legal opinions; and
  • Legal research for case law relevant to your case and/or analyzing and reviewing case law provided to you by the other party.

This list is not exhaustive and it only provides a sampling of what we offer. We strongly believe in assisting clients however we can.

Advantages to Limited Retainer Services

  • Costs: Using unbundled legal services gives you more control over the financial costs of your case. You have the ability to decide what matters you need assistance in and those you do not.
  • Control: Unbundled legal services allow you complete control over your case and allow you to decide what issues you want negotiate and when you want to do that.

Acting as Your Agent & Advisor

If you select the unbundled option for your legal services, your lawyer cannot be your solicitor of record. Instead, your lawyer will act as your agent. A divorce lawyer acting in the capacity of an agent is an advisor. Agents can provide legal advice and representation; however, they will not be in receipt of any correspondence regarding your matter. Instead, court documents and correspondence from opposing counsel will be sent to you directly, allowing you to work with a lawyer as needed.

Using an Ontario family lawyer as an agent can reduce the fees associated with documentation and correspondence, and allow you to do much of the work associated with your matter on your own, when you feel comfortable doing so. This particular service is best utilized by parties with an understanding of family law and the Family Law Rules, or willing to devote time to gaining such understanding. The unbundled approach requires the client to do more work on their own behalf, and as the client you are ultimately responsible for your own matter.

It is our belief that every individual should have access to the legal system that has been created for us all. To learn more about working with us on a limited retainer, call (905) 581-7222.

Unbundled Legal Services
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