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Ontario Visitation Lawyer

Parent Visitation & Access in Ontario

The relationship between a parent and child is precious and should be protected. If you are divorcing or separating from your spouse or partner, however, you may find this relationship in jeopardy. If you are not granted custody, you will need to fully understand your visitation rights so you can assert these.

Our Ontario visitation lawyers can assist you in this important endeavour. By contacting our firm and scheduling a confidential consultation, you can get your questions answered and your unique situation analyzed by our legal professionals.

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What Is Access?

Access is the term used to describe a parent’s right to visit, be visited by, and make inquiries about the welfare, health, and education of a child. This is clearly defined in Section 20 of the Children’s Reform Act. Sometimes referred to as visitation, access may be granted to a parent who does not have custody of his or her child, or an “access parent.”

Parental visitation rights may arise as an issue to be resolved in a:

  • Divorce;
  • Separation;
  • Parental relocation; or
  • Paternity dispute.

Protecting Your Visitation Rights

The complete protection of your visitation rights is essential to the team at Feldstein Family Law Group P.C. With over 25 years of experience handling access cases in Ontario, we understand what issues may arise and how to assert our clients’ rights.

The courts will consider what is in the best interests of the child in any access case, and we also understand how to present our clients’ cases in such a manner as to show how the child will benefit. When you select our team to handle your case, you can rest assured that we will work diligently to achieve an ideal result, no matter the circumstances or obstacles.

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