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Location: Markham

Anna Troitschanski joined the team at Feldstein Family Law Group, P.C. in 2012. Prior to that, she practised Family Law at a boutique Newmarket firm. Her experience covers all areas of divorce and family law, including custody and accesschild supportspousal support, and division of property. Anna is well versed in various forms of alternative dispute resolution such as negotiation and arbitration, but she is also armed with the necessary skills to defend her clients’ interests in court.

Prior to practising family law, Anna worked for Canada’s largest criminal law firm, Pinkofskys Criminal Trial and Appeal Lawyers, where she honed her litigation skills. She obtained her Bachelor of Arts (Hons.) degree in Psychology from the University of Western Ontario in 2006 and her LL.B from the University of Ottawa in 2009.

Anna is fluent in Russian and welcomes Russian-speaking clients.

Anna Troitschanski's Videos

  • Learn About Spousal Support

    Spousal support is a hot topic, and today we will be discussing the basics on the topic.

  • Financial Disclosure

    Today, we'll be discussing the importance of complete and prompt financial disclosure in family law matters, and how it relates to matters of support and the equalization of net family property.

  • Child Support – Attending an American University

    Today, we'll be discussing the issue pertaining to a parent's obligations towards the contribution of a post-secondary education at an American University.

  • Spousal Support in Short Term Relationships

    Today, we will be discussing the subject of spousal support as it relates to short-term relationships.

  • Does a Separation Agreement Need to be Witnessed?

    Today we'll be discussing another interesting topic in the sphere of family law - the necessity of signing marriage contracts and separation agreements in the presence of a witness.

  • Child Support and Shared Residency of the Child

    Today, we will be discussing child support in the context of a shared residency arrangement, in which a child spends more or less equal time with each parent.

  • Division of Property and Assets

    Today, I'll be discussing the division of property for married couples, referred to as Equalization of Net Family Property.

  • Enforceability of Agreements Made During “Without-Prejudice” Negotiations

    Most people are under the impression that nothing is final until both parties sign it, but this belief may not always be accurate. Today, we'll be discussing the enforceability of agreements made during "without prejudice" negotiations.

  • Exclusive Possession of the Matrimonial Home

    Can you just kick out your spouse and change the locks? Today, we'll be discussing orders for exclusive possession.

  • Holiday Access

    The countdown to Christmas has begun, and today we'll be talking about holiday access issues.

  • Inheritances and Family Law

    Today, we'll be discussing inheritances, how they are treated upon separation, and in what cases they may be included in calculating the equalization payment.

  • Appealing A Court Order or Arbitration Award

    Today, we'll be discussing appeals of a Court Order or Arbitrator’s Award and the importance of understanding what options you have available to you after the decision or award has been rendered.

  • Pets and Family Law

    Many families have pets, and when couples separate they may be left wondering who will care for their pets, with whom their pets will reside, and who will pay for pet-related expenses. Today, we'll be discussing how pets are addressed in the family law context.

  • The Adult Child – Be Wary Which Act You Claim Under

    When dealing with the payment of child support for adult children due to disability or another circumstance, it is important to be mindful of the approach taken in court. We explain the matter more in this video.

  • Mental Illness and Parenting

    Today, we'll be discussing how mental health issues may affect parenting, a common question we hear during initial consultations with our clients.

  • What is the Date of Separation?

    People are often unsure of the specific date pertaining to their separation. In today's video, we explain how to determine this important date, as well as some common misconceptions regarding it.

  • No Claims Between Spouses For Tort

    Today we'll be discussing an area of civil law known as Tort Law, and whether there is any relief available from the harm suffered by spouses from the wrongful acts of the other party.

  • Recognition of Foreign Divorce

    What happens if a divorce is obtained in another country but one or both parties now reside in Canada? We address this topic in today's video.

  • Reconciliation During Separation or Divorce

    Today, we'll be discussing Reconciliation during separation or divorce, a topic which your family lawyer will likely bring up to you.

  • Post Separation Value of the Matrimonial Home

    Here, we discuss the post separation value of the matrimonial home, a topic that frequently comes up in family law.

  • Validity of the Separation Agreement

    Could your separation agreement be overturned by a judge in the future, or is it bulletproof? We discuss the validity of separation agreements here.

  • Think Before You Act – Communication Between Parties and Its Potential Effect on Custody and Acc

    We all find ourselves in situations in which we say things that we do not mean. Today, I would like to talk to you about the dangers of improper communication between parties in custody and access disputes.

  • Child Custody & Access

    Today I am going to talk about child custody and access. I will review the different types of child custody and discuss access.

  • Court Protocol - Tips When Attending Court

    Today, we will be discussing some tips with you about court protocol when you have an upcoming court date.

  • Limitation Periods

    One thing that people seldom think about when they meet with family law lawyers is limitation periods or how long they have until their ability to pursue a claim under family law runs up.

  • Solely on Title for Matrimonial Home

    Today, I will be discussing how family law in Ontario reserves the rights of a spouse with respect to the matrimonial home when he or she is not on title for this property.

  • Personal Loans

    Today I'm going to talk to you about personal loans acquired from family members during the course of a marriage and the treatment of such debts upon separation.


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