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Location: Markham

Daphna Schwartz joined Feldstein Family Law Group, P.C. in 2007 as an associate lawyer. She was previously practising family law in the Barrie area. Her practice includes all areas of divorce and family law, including custody and accesschild supportspousal support, and property issues. Daphna is also qualified to practise Collaborative Family Law.

Daphna received her Honours Bachelor of Arts degree in Sociology from York University and then obtained her law degree from Osgoode Hall Law School. She was admitted to the Ontario Bar in 2005.

Daphna is committed to working with her clients in order to obtain the best possible resolution, either through negotiated settlements or family court litigation.

In her spare time, Daphna enjoys exercising, traveling, and spending time with her family.

Daphna Schwartz's Videos

  • Being Civil in the Face of Infidelity

    Today, we'll be discussing the importance of being civil to your ex-spouse in the face of infidelity.

  • Spousal Support and Voluntary Retirement

    In this video, we'll be discussing what happens when a spouse responsible for paying ongoing spousal support wants to retire.

  • Difference Between Separation and Divorce

    It's important for spouses to understand the difference between divorce and separation, as they legally have different meetings. Today, we will be clarifying the difference between these two things.

  • Date of Marriage Deductions

    Today, we'll be discussing the date of marriage deductions for the purposes of equalization.

  • Divorce Based on Adultery

    A Divorce is granted by a court on the ground that there has been a breakdown of the marriage, one of the grounds for which being adultery. Today, we'll be discussing Divorce based on adultery.

  • Honesty in Financial Statements

    It's not uncommon for some parties to be dishonest with respect to the information provided in their Financial Statement, but in this video we will explain why being truthful is critical.

  • Decline in Investments Post-Separation

    When spouses are legally married and they separate, they are entitled to claim an equal division of their assets accumulated during the marriage. Today, we'll be discussing what happens in the event of a decline in investments after a separation.

  • Indefinite Spousal Support

    Today, I will be discussing how the length of a marriage or cohabitation can impact the duration that a payor will be obligated to pay spousal support.

  • Definition of Child

    Today, we'll be explaining the legal definition of a child for the purposes of determining child support eligibility

  • Mediation Where There Has Been Domestic Violence

    Mediation can provide a constructive environment for separated spouses to create self-determined agreements. Today, we'll be discussing mediation where there has been domestic violence.

  • Grounds for Divorce

    In order to receive a court application for divorce, it is required that you identify the ground on which you are seeking divorce. Today, we will discuss the 'Grounds to Obtain a Divorce Order'

  • Retroactive Child Support Video

    Today we will be discussing retroactive child support, occurring when the payor fails to pay or fails to pay the proper amount.

  • Cost Saving Measures in Your Family Law Case

    We are often asked how much a family law case will cost. Here, we've laid out some suggestions for minimizing your legal fees.

  • Negotiating With Your Spouse After Separation

    After spouses separate there are many issues to deal with, especially as they relate to the care of children and finances. In today's video we discuss the common question of whether you should negotiate with your spouse prior to consulting with a lawyer.

  • Child Support, Spousal Support & Post-Separation Increases in Income

    Today we will be discussing the legal implications of a post-separation increase in income on an individual's support obligations, in accordance with the Federal Child Support Guidelines.

  • My Child Does Not Want to Visit Their Access Parent – What Do I Do?

    Children who don't want to spend time with their other parent can put the custodial parent in a difficult situation. Today, we'll be talking about what you should do if your child does not want to visit their other parent.

  • Personal Injury Awards and Equalization

    Today, we'll be explaining whether personal injury claims arising prior to separation are included in the equalization of net family property.

  • Parallel Parenting

    Today, we'll be explaining parallel parenting, a form of joint custody.

  • First Meeting With a Lawyer

    Today, we're explaining what you can expect from your initial consultation, your first meeting with a family lawyer here at our firm.

  • The Need for Cooperation

    Cooperation between spouses is crucial during the separation process, and today we're discussing the importance of cooperation for an easy transition with respect to the matrimonial home.

  • The Importance of Separation Agreements

    A Separation Agreement is a legally binding contract with your spouse that will detail how the issues surrounding your separation are settled. We explain why they are so important in today's video.

  • The Premise Behind Equalization

    Today, we'll be discussing the institution of marriage as viewed by Ontario family law, and how this impacts what you and your spouse are entitled to when your marriage breaks down.

  • Religious Holidays

    Religious holidays have special meaning. Today, I'll be speaking to you about how religious holidays can impact regular access.

  • Legal Fees

    As legal fees can be expensive, every separating spouse wants to know how much their matter will cost them. Today, we'll be discussing the costs of resolving your family law matter.

  • What You Should and Should Not Do When Separating

    Making the decision to separate raises many questions and unknown answers. In today's video, I will explain what you should and should not do when making the decision to separate.

  • Unequal Division

    Today, I will be discussing how family law in Ontario deals with property division in marriages that are less than five years in duration.

  • When is a marriage legally over

    Clients often have misconceptions about when a marriage is legally considered over. We explain this matter in today's video.

  • Negotiating Family Law Issues When Emotions Are Involved

    Separation and divorce are difficult and stressful. Today, we give you our tips for resolving your family law matter during this emotional time.

  • You said “I do”

    Today, we're discussing the importance of taking the anger out of your matrimonial issues.

  • Child Support for Adult Children with Learning Disabilities

    Today I am discussing with you the issue of child support for adult children with learning disabilities.

  • The Benefits of Parenting Coordinators

    Custody battles can often become overwhelming. Today, we'll be discussing the benefits of using parenting coordinators in dispute resolution for parents who have separated.

  • Three Practical Considerations for Visitation Arrangements

    Having relationships with both parents is highly beneficial for most children, but setting up visitations can be difficult for former partners who do not get along. We've outlined three practical considerations that you'll want to consider when making visitation arrangements.

  • What You Can Expect from Your Family Law Lawyer

    Separation and divorce are very stressful. It is always helpful to know what to expect and how the process will unfold. Today, I will be discussing with you what you can expect from your family law lawyer.

  • What To Expect When You Go To Court

    Today, we will be discussing what you can expect when you go to court.

  • Legal Concept of Costs

    I am going to speak to you about the legal concept of costs in the court process.

  • Next Steps in your Family Law Case

    Today, I will be talking to you about the next steps you must take in your family law matter immediately after having retained a lawyer.

  • Fault and Spousal Support

    Today, we'll be discussing the relationship between fault and spousal support awards in a divorce.


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