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Location: Vaughan

Nick Slinko attended York University from 2003 until 2007 where he majored in both Law & Society and Philosophy. Nick graduated in 2007 with an Honours Bachelor of Arts degree. He proceeded to earn a Juris Doctor in Law at the University of Western Ontario in 2011. Nick was Called to the Bar in June of 2012 after completing his Articling term with the Feldstein Family Law Group, P.C. He became an associate with the firm immediately thereafter.

Nick practises in all areas of Family Law, including issues surrounding custody and access and the division of property. He places an emphasis on meaningful, effective negotiation and has experience with various forms of alternative dispute resolution, such as mediation and/or arbitration, but he is also comfortable in court and has the ability to assist clients with litigious matters.

In his minimal spare time, Nick enjoys going to the movies, watching hockey, creative writing, and playing fantasy sports.

Nick Slinko's Videos

  • Altering Existing Terms of Settlement

    Today, we'll be discussing what recourse a party has to a Separation Agreement when their spouse or former spouse is refusing to amend the terms where there has been a change in relevant circumstances.

  • Litigation, Trial and Your Matrimonial Matter

    It is important to understand that a trial of your family law matter should be your last resort. Today, we'll be discussing factors you should consider before going to trial.

  • Alternative Dispute Resolution – Mediation

    Today's video is the first in a series of three videos covering the alternative methods of dispute resolution. In this video, we're discussing mediation.

  • Bankruptcy and Property

    Today, we'll be discussing the interplay between the Family Law Act's property division provisions and the Bankruptcy and Insolvency Act's bankruptcy provisions.

  • Alternative Dispute Resolution Part II: Arbitration and Med/Arb

    This video in our series on Alternative Dispute Resolution covers arbitration, and a hybrid form of dispute resolution known as mediation-arbitration.

  • Date of Marriage and Family Law

    Today, we'll be discussing the date of marriage, and its importance in your family law matter.

  • Collaborative Family Law – Is it right for you?

    Today, we'll be explaining the collaborative family law process, and how you can determine whether it is right for you.

  • Involving Non-parties in Family Law Litigation

    Today, we will be talking about who may be involved in family law litigation, including people who are non-parties in your case, but who have an interest in your case.

  • Importance of Mobility Clause in an Agreement

    Today, we'll be explaining why it is important that mobility clauses are incorporated into separation agreements to address parenting and child-related issues.

  • Non-Party Disclosure and Its Impact on Support

    Calculating your spouse's income for the purposes of determining their child support obligation can be difficult, so in this video we will be giving you tips and pitfalls of making this determination.

  • Breaches of Orders

    Today's video will provide you with an overview of what happens when a party breaches a Family Court Order.

  • In the Interim

    What if you and your spouse both want to have your home sold as immediately as possible but aren’t ready to resolve issues surrounding support just yet? Or, what if you've reached an understanding on custody, but have not begun to address how you wish to reside physically separate? In this video, we will explain Partial Separation Agreements, and why they may be necessary for you.

  • Part III: Collaborative Family Law

    Today's video is the third in our trilogy discussing alternative methods for resolving family law disputes. In this video, we'll be discussing collaborative family law.

  • Hold It: The implications of putting your family law matters on hold

    Some matrimonial matters move fast and some move slowly, but what are the potential effects of putting your matter "on hold"?

  • Joint Custody and How Custodial Rights are Established

    If you're going through divorce and you have children, one of the first things you'll need to decide is how to care for your children. Today, we'll be explaining joint custody, and how custodial rights are established in Canada.

  • Counselling and Family Law

    Today, we will be discussing why counseling may become necessary after marriage breakdown.

  • Occupation Rent

    In this video, I'll be explaining a concept known as occupation rent, when the person staying in the home is required to pay the person who left the home as compensation.

  • Family Law Rules – The Importance of Providing Notice to the Opposing Party

    Today, we're discussing the concept of notice in family law.

  • Short Term Marriage

    Today, we discuss short-term marriage and the topic of annulment.

  • Some Section 7 Hassles- Sometimes It’s Just Not Worth It

    In today's video, we will discuss the potential hassle of certain section 7 expenses.

  • Know Your Role

    We sometimes see family law matters complicated by over-involvement of extended family members in the post-separation negotiation process. We caution against this problem in today's video.

  • Relocation Advisory Guidelines

    Moving away with your children after separation will usually negatively impact the other parent's access to the children. Today, we'll be discussing this issue of mobility.

  • Separation Agreement Clauses

    Today, we'll be discussing some items you should consider regarding separation agreements, and certain factors that you may not know are important if there are children of the marriage.

  • Parentage and Child Support

    In today’s session, we will be talking about parentage, which is when a person is considered a parent to a child for the purposes of child support.

  • Validity of a Religious Marriage and Equalization

    The equalization of family property only applies by default to married couples, but what happens in the event that the parties engaged in only a religious wedding ceremony but did not obtain a marriage license?

  • What is Your Degree Worth?

    Identifying and valuating assets and debts is not always simple. Today, we'll be discussing how courts value a professional degree earned by a spouse.

  • What’s Mine is Yours

    In this video, we discuss how avoiding conflict can help you save money overall during separation.

  • You Got Served

    What do you do when your spouse or ex-spouse is evading service and does not have a lawyer, or if they do have a lawyer, but he or she is not willing to accept service?

  • The Court Process – A Closer Examination

    Unfortunately, not everyone can avoid the court process when trying to resolve their separation. Today, we'll walk you through the preliminary steps in starting and responding to a Court Application.

  • The Court Process – Case Conferences

    Clients are often surprised when we explain to them the purpose and format of a Case Conference. Today, I've decided to explain he Conference process in more detail.

  • The Court Process – Motions

    Today, we'll discuss the subject of bringing or responding to Motions for interim relief.

  • Tort of Invasion of Privacy

    In today’s session, we will be discussing a 2012 court of appeal case regarding the tort of invasion of privacy known as ‘intrusion upon seclusion’.

  • Use of Third Party Professionals

    In some cases, the use of third party professionals may be necessary to reach the most equitable and satisfactory result. We've explained some of the professionals that you may want to involve in your matter in today's video.

  • When a Trial is Looming

    A trial can put parties farther apart and a relationship often cannot be salvaged. Here are some steps you can take to try to avoid a looming trial.

  • Motions to Change a Final Custody or Access Order

    Today I’m going to be discussing the topic of motions to change a final custody or access order.

  • Reimbursement of Costs in Family Law Cases

    When parties become involved in legal proceedings in the family court, the question often arises whether the successful party will be entitled to be reimbursed for their costs.

  • Imputation of Income Where Parent or Spouse is Intentionally Unemployed or Underemployed

    Today I am going to discuss the Imputation of income where a parent or spouse is intentionally unemployed or underemployed.


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