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Post-Divorce Modifications

Our Ontario Family Lawyers Can Help You Vary a Custody or Access Order

After a divorce has been finalized and the terms of custody, child support, access, and property division have been agreed upon, a significant change in circumstances may warrant a variation of a current court order. This most often pertains to child custody, access, or support. In these situations, it will be important to understand what rights and options you have in requesting a modification.

Our Ontario family lawyers can help you. Since 1994, Feldstein Family Law Group P.C. has worked diligently to represent the interests of our clients in all divorce and family law matters. We know how difficult it can be to obtain a variation and understand how to present a case clearly and in a compelling manner, in accordance with all applicable federal and/or provincial laws. Because we offer a range of services based on your budget and needs, you can also count on our affordability without sacrificing efficacy.

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Varying a Custody or Access Order in Ontario

To successfully and legally alter a court order regarding custody or access, you must initiate a Motion to Change at the appropriate court. In most cases, this will be the court that granted the original order.

There are two different routes wherein such a motion can be initiated and then executed:

  • By filing a Consent Motion to Change (if you and the other parent are in agreement with the proposed change); or
  • By filing a Motion to Change (if you and the other parent are not in agreement and you are the one proposing the change).

If your former spouse or partner has already filed a Motion to Change, and you wish to contest this, you can file a Response to Motion to Change.

Determining which forms to file and how to properly fill these out can be a daunting prospect. Our Ontario divorce lawyers can handle every aspect of your proposed modification for you, or we can offer unbundled legal services to address only those issues with which you need assistance. Regardless, our approach will be tailored to fulfil your needs.

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