Pro Wrestler's Not-so-Hostile Separation

Multi-million dollar pro-wrestler Randy Orton is jumping for joy after entering into a very favourable Separation Agreement with his ex-wife of five years, Samantha Speno. For once, this celebrity divorce is being deemed 'amicable', which is more than evident through the terms of the parties' agreement.

After filing for divorce in March, Speno and Orton have already finalized their agreement and are proceeding to live their separate lives. Under the agreement, Orton gets to keep his 2012 Range Rover, 2011 Bentley, and 2009 Harley Davidson, while Speno is keeping her 2013 Infiniti. Orton is also keeping his six-figure bank accounts, several properties, his gun collection and has sole rights and interests in his multi-million dollar pro-wresting contracts.

On the other hand, Samantha is keeping one bank account with $654,317 dollars, one of the homes, and her wedding and engagement rings which have an approximate combined value of $99,000.00.

Considering that Speno was likely entitled to a lot more of the value of Orton's property, Speno may have been willing to take a hit on property division, in exchange for sole and physical custody of the couples' four year old daughter, which was awarded to Speno under the agreement.

Orton and Speno are a great example of the utility of Separation Agreements, in moving the matter along in a timely manner and cutting the costs of battling each issue in court. Separation Agreements are the most effective for cost purposes where the parties are amicable, however it is important to be mindful that Separation Agreements are only binding to a certain extent.

In Ontario, under the Family Law Act courts have the discretion to either enforce or not enforce a Separation Agreement, if an issue is brought before the court. This analysis would involve examining all the circumstances surrounding the agreement and courts tend to uphold the terms of the agreement except in exceptional cases such as fraud. For example, if Orton failed to disclose his million dollar WWE wrestling contracts, Speno may have grounds to have the agreement overturned.

Now that Orton is sighing a sigh of relief where his private life is concerned, he can go back to the mayhem and chaos that is his professional career.