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Eliza Coupe of the once hit show Happy Endings, is now unemployed and soon to be single, after filing for divorce from her puppeteer and acting coach husband, Randall Whittinghill.

After 7 years of dating the couple were married in 2007, and Coupe has often stated that her initial attraction to her soon-to-be ex, was his resemblance to Johnny Depp. Could time be minimizing this likeness that first caught her attention? And, let's not forget that Depp seems to have a dark, brooding side. Well, according to Coupe's court documents she is blaming irreconcilable differences for the split.

There are no children of the marriage and so the issues between the couple are limited to support and division of family property.

In Ontario, the Family Law Act provides provisions whereby the parties may obtain a division of net family property that is more or less than half of the difference between each party's net family property value. This process is called unequal division of net family property.

In Ontario, a marriage of less than five years is one of the grounds for unequal division of net family property, so it looks like Coupe and Whittinghill, just missed that cut off, which is presumably unfavourable for Coupe, as she likely has more assets than Whittinghill.

There are many other factors, however, that the courts will still consider in determining unequal division such as: a spouse's failure to disclose debts and liabilities existing at the date of marriage; recklessly incurred debts and liabilities; and the intentional or reckless depletion of net family property, to name a few.

The test for the unequal division of net family property is likely purposefully difficult to meet to prevent the predictable snowball effect every divorce proceeding involving a claim for unequal division of net family property.

One can very confidently bet that at this point in her life, Coupe just doesn't believe in happy endings.