The Trial

What to Expect in Your Ontario Divorce Trial

All the previous steps in your case have been designed to encourage settlement, and it is therefore very unlikely that your matter will proceed to trial. (Trials occur in less than 5% of cases.) Trials are very expensive for litigants and typically last for several days.

If you are at the point in your case where it seems that all potential methods for resolution have been exhausted, and you have not yet retained a lawyer, it would be wise to do so at this point. An Ontario divorce lawyer from Feldstein Family Law Group P.C., coming to the matter with extensive experience as well as a fresh perspective, may be able to help resolve your matter and prevent a trial at this stage. Trials are emotionally charged and they can get quite nasty. You should avoid the cost, time, and emotional harm of a trial if at all possible.

Trials are procedurally complex, and will require extensive preparation on your part if you are self-represented. If you are the Applicant in your case and are going to trial, you need to prepare a trial record. See Rule 23 for detailed instructions in preparing a trial record.

If you have an upcoming trial and you are not the Applicant, and you want to add any documents to the trial record for the court to consider, you can do so, but you must file those documents with the court, and serve them on the Applicant, no later than 7 days before the start date of the trial.

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Whether you are self-represented or want to involve a lawyer to handle your case, our firm can provide legal services tailored to your specific situation. We represent clients across Vaughan and the surrounding communities throughout Ontario, including Unionville, Richmond Hill, Woodbridge, Maple, Kleinberg, and Thornhill. We also help clients in Aurora, Newmarket, King City, and other surrounding areas in the York Region. We have been working in the field of family law since 1994. We’re committed to providing the zealous representation you need.

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