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TMZ reported last week that reality TV star, Rob Kardashian, is seeking primary custody of his 3-year-old daughter, Dream. He wants Blac Chyna’s parenting time with Dream to be reduced to only weekends and would like her visitation to be in the presence of a nanny. Based on the legal documents he filed, Rob alleges that Blac Chyna is acting in a way that puts their daughter in danger. Apparently, Chyna parties regularly at her home while their daughter is present. Additionally, Rob alleges that Chyna drinks heavily and engages in drug use, which causes her to behave in a violent manner.

Rob claims that Dream has been affected by Chyna’s parenting; for example, he noticed her behavior and personal hygiene have changed for the worse. Along with primary custody, Rob wants Chyna to submit to drug and alcohol testing no less than 30 minutes before each visit with Dream. He would also like the supervising nanny to have the authority to end the visit if there is any violence in front of their daughter.

In Ontario, supervised access refers to time spent with a child under the supervision of another person, whether that person is a relative, social worker, or an employee of a supervised access center. Supervised access is only ordered in situations where there is concern about the safety or wellbeing of a child and generally only proceeds on a temporary basis. If, during supervised access, the parent demonstrates that their visits are beneficial to the child and their behavior has improved, they can often progress to unsupervised access visits over time.

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