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Chris Brown’s ex-spouse, Nia Guzman, has accused the singer of failing to pay child support. Guzman claims that Brown has yet to pay the $17,743 in child support – as per the Court Order – from February, and further alleges that Brown’s repeated conduct, including the failure to respond to numerous legal procedures, has significantly increased the cost of litigation and resulted in “great hardship.” She is seeking more than $258,000 in back support.

Details on Chris Brown and his ex’s child support agreements can be found here.

How Is Child Support Enforced?

In Ontario, a government agency called the Family Responsibility Office (FRO) can enforce child support payments if there is a:

  • Court Order;
  • Separation agreement filed with the court and registered with the FRO for enforcement; or
  • Notice of Calculation or Notice of Recalculation filed by the government.

The FRO is responsible for collecting child support directly from the payor parent, keeps a record of the amounts paid, and then pays the amount to the person who receives support. In order to do this, the FRO needs updated information about the payor parent, including their full name, address, social insurance number, place of employment or business, income, and any property they own.

To collect unpaid support from the person who has to pay child support, the FRO can:

  • Deduct the payments automatically from their wages or other income;
  • Garnish their bank account or up to half of a joint bank account that they have with someone else;
  • Register a charge against their personal property or real estate; or
  • Make an order against any party who is helping them hide income or assets that should go toward support.

To put pressure on those that do not pay, the FRO can also:

  • Report them to credit bureaus;
  • Suspend their driver’s license; or
  • Cancel their passports.

That said, the FRO cannot change the amount of child support that the payor parent must pay. If either parent believes the amount of child support should change, they need to make a new agreement, apply to the online Child Support Service for a Notice of Recalculation, or go to court to request a modification.

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