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TMZ has reported that Chris Brown is headed for family court. According to TMZ, Chris Brown reached an Agreement with Nia Guzman that he would pay her monthly child support in excess of what may be ordered by a court if she did not disclose that he was the Father of their child. However, since reaching this Agreement, TMZ has reported that Nia has disclosed this information to several media outlets. As such, Chris Brown is now preparing legal documents that would require him to pay child support to Nia, but such support would be less than what he is currently paying to her.

In Ontario, your child support rights/obligations will be determined in accordance with the Federal Child Support Guidelines. The Guidelines provided a principled and consistent method of quantifying child support payments. A Court, when rendering its decision with respect to child support, shall consider the following factors:

  1. The annual income of the payor spouse;
  2. The number of children; and
  3. The amount of time each parent resides with the child(ren).

Courts are very rigid when it comes to ensuring that reasonable child support arrangements have been put in place. As such, if Chris Brown and Nia were residents of Ontario, the Court would determine the amount of child support payable by Chris Brown to Nia for their child, Royalty, in accordance with Federal Child Support Guidelines. Given Chris Brown's success, the quantum of such support will be a fairly significant figure. For example, if Chris Brown were to earn $1,000,000 per year, he would have to pay $7,553 per month in child support to Nia in accordance with the Federal Child Support Guidelines. This amount is in after tax dollars.