Demi to Ashton: You left and now you'll pay!

Demi and Ashton's much publicized $285-million 2011 separation ending their six year relationship, is back in the spotlight with the recent announcement that Demi will be pursuing Ashton for spousal support. Their respective net worth is about equal, give or take a few million: Demi's net worth is estimated to be around $150 million, according to Forbes Magazine while Ashton's is around $140 million. And, Demi wants Ashton to pay her legal fees, too.

Could this have anything to do with his budding new romance with the much younger Mila Kunis?

Regardless of Demi's reasoning, in Canada, once one can show entitlement to support, motivating factors such as jealously or spite will not negate a claim for support.

In Canada, the Divorce Act sets out that on an Application the courts may order support in a manner that the courts find to be reasonable, upon a finding of entitlement.

The Divorce Act also stipulates that in reviewing entitlement to support, the court will consider such factors as: the length of time the spouses cohabitated, the functions performed by each spouse during cohabitation, as well as any order, agreement or arrangement the parties may have entered into on the matter. Other relevant factors the court will consider are such things as the age, health and status of both spouses.

The age gap between Ashton and Demi originally attracted public attention when their relationship began to blossom in 2003. Many marveled at Demi snagging a guy not much older than one of her daughters. Ironically however, this same age gap may now pose a relevant factor in establishing Demi's entitlement to support. She may likely argue that her employability and earning capacity have significantly diminished.

In regard to her health, who can forget her trip to rehab, soon following the split? There were also many rumours that she had suffered an emotional breakdown.

Meanwhile, Ashton has been a successful investor in internet start-ups Skype and Foursquare. And his deal on the show "Two and a Half Men" pays him $20 million a year.

Once entitlement is established, the amount of support can then be determined using the Spousal Support Advisory Guidelines (SSAG), which are non-mandatory and unlegislated guidelines used to set out the duration or support, and the dollar amount to be paid.

Unfortunately for Ashton, 'a woman scorned' is not listed as a relevant factor for diminishing entitlement to support. Using the factors outlined above, if Demi can show entitlement, Ashton may have no choice but to pay up!