Hi, I am Shilpa Mehta of Feldstein Family Law Group. Today, I will be speaking about one specific form of supervised access.

Imagine the following scenario:

You find yourself in court and your spouse is claiming that you are not capable of spending any alone time with your 6 month old baby at all. Your spouse distrusts your family and is not prepared to allow you any time with your child.

You need an immediate plan!

Your spouse has obtained a court order restraining you from coming into contact with her and for supervised access only.

You need an immediate plan!

There are supervised access centres where you can have access as per the terms of the Order; however, if you are financially able to afford to pay a third party it is a wonderful alternative for you and for the children. This alternative also works for the party who requires access to be supervised. This is the immediate plan. Let your lawyer know that you want to utilize the services of a supervised access worker.

When my clients advise me that they wish to hire an access worker, I go to court prepared with a supervised worker who is available the next day to begin access. Have your lawyer bring the resume of the worker to court and know that the cost of this service may vary.

The services of a supervised access worker gives the other party comfort to know that someone else is there to watch and to supervise. Most importantly, it allows you to have time with your child or children out in the public or in your home. Some workers will even provide a report of each visit or a summary report to be used in court.

The supervised worker must come with the proper training and expertise. Having someone you get to know and trust supervise the access will be helpful to both parties where supervised access is either necessary or presumed necessary by one party. It is not a long term solution but can be very helpful during this transition period.

Should you require more information about the supervised access worker and supervised access in general and wish to schedule a consultation, please visit our website or contact our office at (905) 581-7222.

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