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My name is Andrew Feldstein and I am the principal and managing partner of the Feldstein Family Law Group.

Each of our lawyers is experienced with spousal support issues, and as a group we are known for generating support solutions that work. Our goal is to help you realize the best possible financial outcome. We do this by exploring different strategies, and unique ways of handling spousal support commitments.

What clients worry about most when it comes to spousal support is the overall financial impact. Support recipients worry that support will run out, or that it won’t be enough to continue living the way to which they are accustomed. Support payors worry about whether their former spouse will become self-sufficient, and about the impact of paying spousal support in addition to child support.

Another common issue regarding spousal support is making sure that payments are received on time, and in full.

Whatever your concern, the lawyers at Feldstein Family Law Group are here to work on your behalf. When choosing a lawyer to handle your spousal support claim, you need a skilled negotiator. You need someone that will fight to protect your financial future. When you decide to work with the Feldstein Family Law Group, you are putting experience in your corner.

To learn more about spousal support and how it affects you, please take a moment to review the spousal support articles and spousal support videos found on our website. When you’re ready to move forward, request a consultation online, or contact us at 905-581-7222.

I’m Andrew Feldstein, thanks for watching.