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Hello. My name is Andrew Feldstein, and today I am speaking to you about getting the most out of your legal services.

We at Feldstein Family Law Group go the extra mile for our clients. And here’s the really good news: legal fees can be tax-deductible. Come tax time, Feldstein Family Law Group can provide its support recipient clients with a tax letter indicating the legal fees paid by the client over the course of the year relating to support. This allows support recipients to reduce their taxes owing by providing them with an income tax deduction. In the end, clients are left with more money to support the people who are most important to them: their families.

At Feldstein Family Law Group, we understand that client’s funds may be limited. And, we believe that legal expenses should be reduced wherever possible so that you can continue to provide for your loved ones. Accordingly, we make the effort to ensure that our client’s dollar goes as far as possible. We will look out for your interests. Providing tax letters is just one example of how our lawyers look for ways to save their clients’ money.

If you are looking for representation that understands your interests and will take steps to reduce overall expenses to clients, Feldstein Family Law Group is the firm for you.

To learn more about Feldstein Family Law Group’s services and client care, visit our website. If you need advice on your own family law matter, please call us at 905-581-7222 to schedule an initial consultation. We’re always happy to assist.

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