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Hello, I am Daphna Schwartz of the Feldstein Family Law Group.

One of the most common questions from clients is How Much will this Case Cost me? This is of significant concern especially to the client who wants to plan and budget for the family law negotiation and dispute.

The following are following suggestions to clients to help them minimize their legal fees:

Communication via email

We suggest that you communicate with your lawyer via email instead of calling whenever you have a question, want to provide information or provide instructions. Because your information, instructions and questions are already in writing, your lawyer can respond to you via email and will not need to draft a memo to the file or send you a confirming email after a telephone discussion.

Set up a conference call

If you DO need to speak with your lawyer on the phone, set up a specific date and time to speak. It is also helpful if prior to the telephone call you send an email to your lawyer with the questions or issues you will want to discuss during the call. This way you know your lawyer is prepared with information and recommendations.

Produce WHAT is asked of you, WHEN it is asked of you

A party to a family law dispute must produce specific financial disclosure. Your lawyer will set out exactly what you are required to provide and a date by when that disclosure should be provided. If you fail to do so, your lawyer will need to follow up with you which can become costly, and which may delay the process.

Provide disclosure electronically

Here at the Feldstein Family Law Group we are largely paperless. We encourage clients to provide their financial disclosure electronically either by fax, by email as a pdf attachment, or on a memory stick or disk. This can save a great deal of time and money, as we can them save your electronic files directly to your file.

Speak with a law clerk

Each lawyer works with a clerk or a student. That clerk or articling student handles all of the day to day matters on your file. Where the lawyer’s input is not necessary, clients may direct their emails / calls to the clerk or student whose hourly rate is significantly lower than their lawyer’s.

For more information on this and other issues or to make an appointment with one of our lawyers, please contact us at Feldstein Family Law Group at 905-581-7222. Thank you.