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Hello, my name is Lucy D’Ercole and I am a lawyer at Feldstein Family Law Group. Today, I will be speaking about the Court Order.

Consider the following scenarios:

A new client comes in and decides they do not want to return funds to an account by a specified date as ordered by the court; instead they suggest we use it as leverage against the other side.

A current client has been ordered to pay costs to their former spouse as a result of losing a motion. The payment is due in 3 days. They refuse to pay it.

Too often clients feel that orders are simply suggestions made by a judge. Orders must be followed unless you have commenced an appeal and have successfully obtained a stay of the Order that is subject to appeal. If a stay has not been obtained and you are in breach of the order, then you may be sanctioned. It is very important to come to court with clean hands - and in compliance with previous orders of the court.

When your lawyer reminds you to comply with an order, do not ignore this advice. If you do, you may be penalized by the court system.

The lesson here- an order is an order.

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