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Hi. My name is Andrew Feldstein of the Feldstein Family Law Group. I have been practising family law for 20 years, and I am proud to be the principal and managing partner of our 11-lawyer, and growing, professional corporation . Welcome to

Each member of the Feldstein Family Law group is recognized for their knowledge in family law; we are regular contributors to television and radio programs. Some of our most recent appearances include CTV’s Canada AM and the CBC’s Ontario Today.

We achieve this level of awareness because each member of the team participates in continuing professional development. We regularly attend seminars and conferences, and we participate in monthly meetings where we research and brainstorm creative solutions to matrimonial conflicts.

It’s critical that we do the best job we can for our clients because the outcome of any agreement between separating spouses or partners will affect you greatly—and for years to come.

One of the key differences between our firm and others in the GTA is our commitment to educating both our clients, and the general public about their legal rights. We believe that a well-informed client is a strong negotiator. As part of this commitment, we publish weekly articles, blogs and videos to help people learn more about family law …without the added legal expense. We do this for free and I personally invite you to inform yourself of your legal rights and obligations of the separation process in Ontario. Our commitment to increasing access to justice is just one of the reasons we have won the Top Choice Family Law award for the past 8 years. Improving access to justice in Ontario is something we feel strongly about.

Almost as integral to our way of working at Feldstein Family Law Group, is the technology we use. My goal is to serve clients efficiently and to reduce our carbon footprint. As one of the few paperless family law firms in Ontario we offer our clients electronic access to their materials, which significantly reduces a client’s legal bill. Our clients truly appreciate being able to review their case materials in electronic form, in part because it reduces the amount of drafting needed to complete a document, and because it allows materials to be viewed where and when a client feels most comfortable.

When choosing a family law lawyer, clients ultimately hire the Feldstein Family Law group because of who we are. Our team is diverse; we are professional men and women with a range of distinct cultural and philosophical perspectives. We are committed to alternative forms of dispute resolution, respecting cultural practices, same sex marriage issues, father’s rights and women’s rights…and this awareness comes from personal experience.

We understand your concerns and fears because many of us have lived through similar experiences. We have been in your shoes, me included.

Before you hire a family law lawyer, take some time to review the articles and videos on our website. We have many resources available to you that explain some of the complexities of matrimonial matters.

When you’re ready to move forward, request an online consultation, or contact us at 905-581-7222.

I’m Andrew Feldstein, thanks for watching.