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Hi, my name is Daphna Schwartz and I am a lawyer with Feldstein Family Law Group. Today I am going to talk to you about the importance of Separation Agreements.

A Separation Agreement is your legally binding contract with your spouse that will detail how the issues surrounding your separation are settled, such as custody, access, support and property.

This Agreement will be the contract you will likely refer to and follow for many years, especially if you have young children.

Therefore, in negotiating and drafting your Separation Agreement it is important that it is very detailed and specific to your situation. Often, something that may not be an issue now may become an issue in the future and your Separation Agreement may not have dealt with that specific issue.

In the case of these situations, it is important to have clauses in your Separation Agreement that assist you and your separated or divorced spouse in dealing with and settling these situations as they arise, without the need of having to contact a lawyer.

Often included in Separation Agreements are dispute resolution clauses that will detail how you and your separated or divorced spouse will deal with, discuss and settle these issues, such as going to a mediator or parenting coordinator. This will save you future legal fees and the time of having to go through a lawyer, each time an issue arises.

Therefore, it is important to discuss with your lawyer issues that you believe may arise in the future and how to deal with the issues effectively.

For more information, please visit our website. If you would like advice on your own family law matter, you can schedule a consultation by calling 905-581-7222. From Feldstein Family Law Group, thanks for watching.