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I’m Andrew Feldstein of the Feldstein Family Law Group. Separation and divorce are difficult. You have rights. We fight for them. When a relationship breaks down, it is difficult to focus on making such a fundamental transition. Your stress and emotions are off the chart. It is hard to move forward without guidance. Let us help you identify the issues that need to be resolved, and then advocate on your behalf.

Every separation and divorce is different. Some couples might be most concerned about support, or the division of their family property. For others, the children outweigh any other concern.

Every relationship is different, too. Some couples are ready to work together and negotiate an agreement. If that’s your situation, we’ll help make sure your agreement is appropriate for your circumstances, and protects your rights. On the other hand, if you have disputes related to property, support, child custody and access, or any other issues related to your separation or divorce, we will advocate on your behalf, using our experience with a range of dispute resolution methods. Whether we are in court or negotiating outside of court, we’ll make your interests our priority.

Before you take the crucial next step to hire a family law lawyer, use the separation and divorce articles and separation and divorce videos on our website to learn about the process of separation and divorce. A well-informed client is in a better position to negotiate, and to resolve their family law matter. When you’re ready to move forward, request a consultation online or contact us at 905-581-7222.

I’m Andrew Feldstein, thanks for watching.