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My name is Andrew Feldstein and I am the principal and managing partner of the Feldstein Family Law Group. With 20 years’ experience practising family law, I am proud to be the head of a growing professional corporation.

Our experienced group of family lawyers offers a wealth of knowledge when settling child support issues with your former spouse or partner. We are known for our ability to think outside of the proverbial box, and for generating solutions that work.

The most common fears about child support are that one parent worries about paying too much, while the other parent worries about receiving too little. Having been through the separation process myself, I understand where these fears come from, and how to make sure the children remain your primary concern.

The Feldstein Family Law Group can help you realize the best possible outcome by exploring strategies to handle special child-related expenses. We have negotiated child support on behalf of thousands of clients, and are well versed in the unique challenges associated with sharing the costs of parenting.

Another common concern with child support is ensuring that payments are received in full and on time. Our lawyers are experienced in drafting thorough agreements and are capable of helping clients work with the Family Responsibility Office when necessary.

When choosing a lawyer to act on your behalf, you need a skilled negotiator. When you decide to work with the Feldstein Family Law Group, know that you are putting experience in your corner.

To learn more about child support and how it affects you, please take a moment to review the child support articles and child support videos found within our website. When you’re ready to move forward, request a consultation online, or contact us at 905-581-7222.

I’m Andrew Feldstein, thanks for watching.