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The #AskAndrew Program with Andrew Feldstein

How Parents Can Help Their Children Through Their Separation

Guests: Helen Yack and Gabbi Silverberg


Gabbi Silverberg and Helen Yack are social workers who began their careers in child welfare in 1999 where they not only grew their professional knowledge and skills, but became close friends who bonded over broken hearts, new babies, toddler tantrums and teenage angst.

Throughout the years, Gabbi and Helen had a vision of supporting families who are in high conflict, stressful situations who may be managing multiple systems such as child welfare, family court and possibly the criminal justice system. Gabbi and Helen know that being a parent is one of the most rewarding, important and yet often, most challenging jobs in the world. Their ultimate goal is for parents to maintain a solid, healthy and productive relationship with their children while they navigate these systems.

Gabbi and Helen have decades of experience and the knowledge to help manage the complicated and confusing feelings associated with these stressful situations, while maintaining a focus on the best interests of the child