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Seven months after filing for a divorce in Georgia in March 2019, America R&B singer Monica has officially divorced her ex-husband and former NBA player, Shannon Brown. Monica is famous for singing hits like “The Boy Is Mine” and “Angel of Mine.” In a quick hearing that lasted less than ten minutes, since Mr. Brown failed to appear, the judge granted Monica’s divorce and restored her maiden name.

Uncontested Divorce Proceedings

Like Monica, you might be able to obtain a relatively drama-free and quick divorce in Ontario if your spouse does not respond to your Application for divorce. In uncontested divorce proceedings, one party files the Application for divorce and serves it on the other party. If the other party fails to file an Answer in time, the Court assumes that they do not contest the divorce.

Where the parties have already agreed on all related issues, such as custody, access, equalization, and support, an uncontested divorce typically does not require any court appearances and is done “over the counter.” The divorce will initially proceed on affidavit evidence alone, and once the divorce is granted, the Court mails the divorce order to each spouse, after which a divorce certificate may be issued on the request of either party.

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