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On May 8, 2019, R. Kelly avoided another visit to jail by paying all of the retroactive child support he owed to his ex-wife, Drea Kelly. The singer appeared in Cook County court and paid over $62k. He currently is supposed to pay just over $20k per month and the late payment covered March, April, and May.

In Ontario, child support payments can be enforced through a government agency called the Family Responsibility Office (FRO). FRO garnishes the payor’s wages, keeps a record of the amounts paid, and pays the amount to the recipient.

FRO can also employ the following enforcement actions:

  • Garnish money the payor may receive from the Government of Canada, such as income tax refunds, employment insurance benefits, Canada Pension Plan benefits, and Old Age Security benefits
  • Garnish the payor’s bank accounts
  • Suspend the payor’s driver’s license
  • Place a lien on the payor’s personal property
  • Enforce up to 180 days of jail time

Finally, FRO can help collect money from a payor parent who lives in Canada, every state in the United States, and approximately 30 other countries which share an agreement with Ontario.

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