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Hayden Panettiere's boyfriend Brian Hickerson is in serious trouble following his arrest for domestic violence for which he was charged with 1 count of felony domestic violence. If convicted, Hickerson faces up to 4 years in prison. He was arrested earlier this month after a physical altercation with Panettiere, as police determined he started the fight.

Immediately after a Canadian police force is notified of a domestic violence incident, a variety of legal processes begin. As soon as any assault charges surface, the police are forced to act under the Attorney General’s zero tolerance policy for domestic violence. This means the police are required to lay charges regardless of the degree of the assault.

Domestic Violence is Not a Family Law Matter

Contrary to popular belief, domestic violence is a criminal law matter. It plays a rather limited role in a divorce proceeding and is often referred to as “the blame game.” This is because most divorces operate on a no-fault basis and domestic violence is only relevant in the most extreme cases, often those involving children.

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Adultery, domestic violence, and emotional abuse can all play a significant factor in your divorce process. The impact of domestic violence is devastating and while our divorce attorneys cannot amend the damage that has been done, we strive to provide our clients real-life strategies and solutions toward a better future. At Feldstein Family Law Group P.C., we are proud legal advocates committed to helping families meet the next chapter of their lives in the best position possible.

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