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NFL player Tyreek Hill has been accused of child abuse and is currently under investigation with the District Attorney’s Office. Audiotapes have surfaced in which Hill can be heard threatening his fiancée over an alleged child abuse incident involving their three-year-old son. The tape was reportedly recorded by Hill’s fiancée, Crystal Estinal. The police have reopened the investigation that was initially sparked by reports concerning their son’s broken arm.

Understanding Section 24 of the Children’s Law Reform Act

Child abuse is a serious issue, and the best interests of the child, as stipulated in Section 24(2) of the Children’s Law Reform Act, are always placed at the forefront of the legal process. Under section 24(4), when assessing a person’s ability to act as a parent after violence and abuse has occurred, the court shall consider whether the person has at any time committed violence or abuse against, (a) his or her spouse; (b) a parent of the child to whom the application relates; (c) a member of the person’s household; or (d) any child.

The court endeavors to work with children’s lawyers, social workers, psychologists and other specialists to identify the needs of the child and craft a solution that best protects their interests. If the police and the court find that Tyreek has been abusive to his son, he may lose some of his parental rights and be ordered to take steps to correct his behavior. His parenting time may also be limited, and restrictions such as supervised access may be implemented.

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