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R&B singer Monica has filed for divorce from her ex-NBA player husband Shannon Brown in Atlanta, Georgia. Monica and Shannon share a 5-year-old daughter and she has 2 sons from a previous relationship with rapper Rocko. While there are not yet any details as to whether she is seeking child or spousal support, it has become public knowledge she was apparently unsuccessful in sealing the divorce documents.

In Ontario, there is a presumption towards the “open court principle,” which, in essence, means the public should have access to the justice system as well as the cases being heard in it. This means when a court matter commences, any filed documents form part of the public record. Anyone can gain access to the public record, often for a small fee.

Under What Circumstances Can Divorce Records be Sealed?

Parties can apply under s. 137(2) of the Courts of Justice Act, to the court to seal the public record, initialize the proceedings so the parties cannot be identified, or to get a Publication Ban. A publication ban prevents the media from reporting on the litigation. Despite many wishing to obtain this ban, securing any of these judgments is rare. Divorce records are sealed in cases involving vulnerable minors when privatizing the details and remaining anonymous is in the best interests of the children.

Capable and Determined Divorce Lawyers in Ontario

Famous or not, many couples don’t want to expose the details of their impending divorce with the rest of the world. This is understandable and our family law attorneys of Feldstein Family Law Group P.C. will stop at nothing to ensure your divorce process is as seamless and painless as possible. Allow us to advocate on your behalf today.

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