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Allowing children to have the opportunity to spend quality time with both of their parents will enrich their lives. This will also enrich the lives of their parents. Strict schedules without any flexibility can make it difficult for parents to see their children, especially if they have a demanding work schedule. It is important for former spouses to be cognizant and accommodating of this.

If one parent is being difficult with the parenting schedule and does not offer their former spouse any leeway in the start or finish time of their parenting period, this can cause tension. This tension can place a strain on the relationship of the former spouses, and their children may pick up on this dysfunctionality. Being reasonable and accommodating to life’s inevitable changes can ensure that your former spouse and your children receive the well-needed quality time together.

A flexible arrangement is most practical when parents are able to effectively communicate with one another. To allow for effective communication, it is helpful to live close to one another, respect each other’s ability to parent, be cooperative, and be accommodating to the parenting schedule. For more information about custody, access, and parenting arrangements, click here to book a free initial consultation with a family lawyer.