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According to TMZ, Tisha Campbell-Martin, star of the show “Martin,” is experiencing some conflict in her co-parenting relationship with husband Duane Martin. The couple are estranged, but have a verbal agreement to share their parenting time with their two sons equally.

Now, Tisha has filed divorce documents alleging that Duane is a poor communicator when it comes to the care of the boys, is uncooperative, and threatens to withhold the children from her. As such, Tisha is asking for a court order that gives the parents equal parenting time with an alternating weekly schedule and neutral exchange location.

TMZ also reported that Tisha is asking the court to order Duane to respond to her emails regarding the children within 24 hours.

In Ontario, courts have the power to grant orders regarding parenting time, communication between co-parents, and drop off locations. These elements can also be negotiated and recorded in a parenting agreement outside the court process, if the parties are able to negotiate productively.

Breakdowns in communication between co-parenting former spouses is not uncommon, but can exacerbate hostilities. This is never in the best interests of the child. In order to facilitate constructive and regular communication, there are now a variety of apps with which parents can text and store their discussions.

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