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Jeremy Meeks, aka “the Hot Felon” and Chloe Green, heiress to the Topshop fortune, were spotted on a yacht this week off the coast of Turkey. They had two little ones in tow – their son Jayden, and Meeks’ son from his previous relationship, Jeremy Jr.

Things seem to be serious between the two, and if they end up in a common law relationship or decide to tie the knot, Meeks’ entitlement to spousal support from his first wife may be impacted. According to section 30 of Ontario’s Family Law Act, “every spouse has an obligation to provide support for himself or herself and for the other spouse, in accordance with need, to the extent he or she is capable of doing so.” Further, spousal support in Ontario is based on the needs of the recipient, the lifestyle they enjoyed during the marriage and sacrifices that the recipient made during the marriage. Had Meeks been receiving spousal support from his ex-wife, his entitlement would likely be reduced by cohabiting with such a high net worth individual. Alternatively, if Meeks was paying his ex-wife spousal support, his new partner’s wealth would not impact the amount of spousal support he owed.

It will be interesting to see what happens if Meeks’ ex seeks spousal support, and if she is successful, the amount of support that Meek will be required to pay.

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