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A recent dentist appointment for one of the Gosselin children turned into a police matter when parents Jon and Kate Gosselin began arguing about who would take the kid home. After a heated argument, Jon took the child home with him and the police did not press charges against either parent.

Having your ex disobey a custody order can be very stressful, and at times it may make you feel powerless. However, there are several steps you can take before getting the police involved, which should be viewed as a last resort. If you are compelled to call the police, be sure to have a copy of the child custody orders with you so that the police know the arrangement they ought to be enforcing. In Ontario, police can only enforce the order if it is required in the court order, as the courts do not want people calling the police regarding family law issues.

Before calling in the folks in blue, it is important to try to solve the issue calmly between you and your ex - yes, easier said than done. However, you can have your attorney send a letter to your ex, file a contempt of court motion or file a motion to change the current order. Regardless of which course of action you choose to pursue, you should always keep detailed records of what is happening. This ought to include the date, time, any witnesses and correspondence between you and your ex. Keeping a folder on your computer with emails and texts between the two of you can be a great way to facilitate this. This can help you stay organized and present a compelling case to the court in order to create meaningful change.