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In late September, former 'Hills' star, Audrina Patridge, filed to divorce husband, Corey Bohan, Australian BMX rider. The couple were married for less than a year, but Bohan's menacing behaviour and the domestic violence supposedly triggered the spilt.

Despite Patridge's claims that Bohan was physically violent, threatened suicide and was emotionally abusive, the District Attorney's Office in Orange County decided not to prosecute Bohan. Nonetheless, Patridge filed for a temporary restraining order against Bohan on September 18, 2017, and this order still stands.

Patridge alleged that the violence and abuse began in the summer of 2017, when she was holding their 15-month old daughter, Kirra Max, and Bohan pushed her back and began punching himself in the head.

Patridge stated that in early September, when she returned home one day, Bohan called her names and harassed her. Patridge started recording a video of him and he told her to "grow some balls and pull the trigger and file for divorce." Terrified for her and her daughter's safety, Patridge called the police and filed a report. Later in September, Child Protective Services came to the house to meet with her.

Since Patridge got the temporary restraining order that prohibited Bohan from contacting her or her parents, the parties have since announced that they have "settled their beef."

Although the parties have a struck a deal in this specific case and Bohan will not be prosecuted for his actions in Orange County, if Patridge and Bohan resided in Ontario, and if Patridge had called the police to their home after an alleged incident of domestic violence, Bohan's family law rights could have been seriously impacted.

For one, Bohan could have been removed from the family home, and he would have no longer been able to return - save and except with a police escort, for the purposes of retrieving his belongings.

Additionally, an arrest or any criminal charges could have in turn prejudiced Bohan's legal claim to the home. For example, Patridge could have had de facto exclusive possession of the matrimonial home by virtue of a criminal order.

As for their daughter, Bohan's arrest would likely have resulted in Patridge having de facto custody of the child. This could have potentially impacted Bohan's entitlement to custody of and access with Kirra Max.

Furthermore, Bohan's arrest could have triggered an immediate requirement to start paying interim spousal and/or child support.