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According to TMZ, Mel B and her ex-husband Stephen Belafonte toned down the anger in their divorce and attended a family therapy session with their three children, ages 5, 9 and 18. The couple drove separately to the home of Mel B's psychiatrist, Dr. Charles Sophy, a leading psychiatrist in Hollywood for the family therapy session. Reportedly, the session represented a breakthrough for the family as a family therapy session would have been out of the question up until this point in the couple's breakup.

During separation or divorce, a parent's primary concern is generally how it will impact the children. It is natural for children to feel upset about their parent' divorce, particularly when one parent leaves the home. While some children are able to adapt with relative ease, others may experience overwhelming emotional and psychological difficulty.

When a child exhibits signs and symptoms of stress and such symptoms persist over the course of several weeks or months, it is reasonable to consider professional help. To assess whether the child requires a therapist, you can book an initial consultation with a therapist, during which time, the therapist can determine whether the child should continue to receive therapy or not.

Therapy can be extremely beneficial for children of divorce as it allows them to develop problem-solving skills and coping mechanisms. However, if the child refuses to attend therapy, it is important to respect their decision. Alternatively, the parent can attend divorce counselling to learn about new means of communicating with the children and the ex-spouse.

Ultimately, if your child requires a therapist or a counselor, it is important to be supportive and to stay up-to-date with respect to the child's progress. Therapy has the potential to tremendously improve a child's life during this difficult time, and the best interest of the child should be a parent's primary objective.