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Even though the couple is still separated and intending to proceed with their divorce, Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner continue to be an example of effective co-parenting post-separation. As reported by TMZ, Ben has recently completed rehab, and he and Jennifer were spotted out together shortly thereafter. Reports indicate that Jennifer continues to be a support system for Ben, even though they are no longer a couple.

Divorce and separation can be difficult for children to understand, accept, and adjust to. While separating spouses are often dealing with a range of emotional issues in addition to their legal issues, the need to communicate effectively with the other parent and to place the children's needs and best interests above the needs of the parents cannot be understated. An effective co-parenting plan paired with effective communication between parents will make the family transition easier for the children.

In addition to benefiting the children, effective co-parenting, or the lack thereof, can also have legal implications in your family law matter. For example, if a party to a family law matter is requesting joint custody of the children, one of the factors the Court will consider is whether or not the parties are capable of communicating effectively to make major decisions regarding the children together. If there is a historical pattern of communications between the parties which are riddled with insults, anger, conflict, and unreasonableness, the Court is not likely to find that the parties will be able to make decisions for the children jointly. Even worse, depending on the nature of such communications and behaviour, if the Court is concerned it may impact the children's best interests, the parenting time arrangements with the children may even be impacted. As such, it's wise to ensure that communications with your spouse are child-focused, civil, and respectful.