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According to TMZ, Mary J. Blige has to pay spousal support to her estranged husband in the midst of their divorce proceeding. A judge has ordered Mary to pay Martin Isaacs temporary spousal support in the amount of $30,000 per month.

As large as this amount may be, it is far less than what Martin requested back in 2016. He originally requested spousal support in the amount of $129,319 per month. Martin's position was that Mary was the bread-winner during their marriage and he grew accustomed to her lavish lifestyle. He was her former manager, but he was fired shortly after she filed for divorce and now has no income.

Ultimately, the court found that Martin was entitled to temporary spousal support due to the change in the standard of living that he was accustomed to, but also found that the 6-figure amount he proposed was excessive. In addition to the $30,000 per month, Mary has also been ordered to pay retroactive spousal support dating back to September and his lawyer fees, amounting to $235,000.

In Ontario, changes in standard of living may also be a consideration when determining spousal support amounts. This is referred to as a "need" basis, which seeks to supplement a spouse who has short term financial needs as a result of their divorce. Furthermore, if a spouse becomes accustomed to a lavish lifestyle, like Martin, a change from this lifestyle might constitute an ongoing basis for spousal support.

Spousal support obligations associated with divorce are complex. Lawyers use advanced software to calculate spousal support obligations that consider both present and future need. For more information about spousal support obligations, visit our website to book a free initial consultation with our family lawyers.