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According to TMZ, Ben Stiller and wife Christine Taylor are headed for Splitsville. The longtime couple recently announced their breakup in a joint statement. From the looks of it, things between the two are on good terms.

Ben and Christine got married in 2000 and later welcomed two children together. The two have stated that their main priority is the kids, and they will continue to raise them as "devoted parents and the closest of friends." Their split serves as a great example of an amicable separation.

It is not easy for children to see their parents parting ways, and this traumatic event may lead to many emotional and psychological issues. To minimize these negative effects on your children, it is best that you and your former spouse present a unified front. This will allow your children to feel a sense of unity and harmony within the home.

It is clear that Ben and Christine are putting their kids first, which will benefit them in the long run. There is no word on any divorce papers being filed, but hopefully the two remain amicable.

If either of them decide to move ahead with a divorce, there are still amicable methods that can be used. In Ontario, Collaborative Family Law is a great way for parents to resolve disputes respectfully, without having to go to court or engage in costly and lengthy litigation. This form of dispute resolution is premised on honesty, integrity and respect. It requires that parties work collaboratively with each other, their lawyers, and other third-party specialists to resolve the issues stemming from the breakdown of their relationship or marriage. Collaborative Family Law requires lawyers that have specialized skills which will aid in guiding negotiations and managing conflict.