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Drew Barrymore and Will Kopelman's divorce has been finalized just three weeks after the Never Been Kissed actress filed for divorce. The couple announced their separation in April of this year after a four-year marriage.

Surprisingly, Drew and Will are not battling it out in a messy, Hollywood-style divorce. Instead the couple have opted to remain close friends following their separation - they were even on a family trip when the divorce was finalized!

Although an amicable, Hollywood-style divorce is a bit of an oxymoron, Drew and Will's positive relationship will be incredibly beneficial for their two children, Olive and Frankie. Since announcing their split, the couple have made it clear that the children are their "first priority".

Drew and Will's divorce was uncontested, which means there was no argument with respect to their property or the custody of their two daughters. However, it likely that the pair have a Separation Agreement that deals with parenting rights and obligations to prevent any disputes from arising in the future.

In Canada, many couples include a parenting plan within a Separation Agreement that outlines how they will raise their children following separation or divorce. Generally, a parenting plan sets out a schedule of the time each parent has with the children. A more comprehensive plan may also include details about decision-making, residence, care, holiday arrangements, communication, and the child's relationship with extended family among others.

Parenting plans are oftentimes customized to meet the needs of a particular family and provide much needed flexibility as the children develop and their needs and interests change. If a dispute arises, the plan typically includes a dispute resolution mechanism that provides the parents with recourse in the event that one parent fails to follow the plan, or the parents cannot settle a disagreement. Therefore, parenting plans are often linked with non-litigation methods of resolving disputes, which can be tremendously beneficial for the children.

The goal of most parenting plans is to set out as many details as necessary in order to minimize conflict between parents. In this way, parenting plans allow parents to make the children their "first priority" upon family breakdown.