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Charlie Sheen asked his porn star fiancée, Brett Rossi, to marry him during their Valentine's Day vacation in Hawaii this past weekend.

According to court documents seen by Radar, Charlie Sheen's fourth fiancée is currently in the midst of divorce proceedings with her current spouse, Jonathan Ross, who filed for divorce on July 18, 2013. Jonathan is currently unrepresented in his family court proceedings, while Brett is being represented by Charlie's celebrity family law lawyer, Mark Gross. Brett and Jonathan were only married for one year and there are no children of their marriage.

Charlie is also in the midst of family court proceedings. He is currently involved in a vicious custody battle with his third wife, Brooke Mueller. Charlie's second wife, Denise Richards, had been taking care of Charlie and Brooke's two children until they allegedly attacked her daughters, who are also Charlie's children.

So, what will be the legal implications of Charlie's fourth marriage for his ex-spouses?

Currently, Charlie is paying $110,000.00 a month in child support for his four children with former wives Denise and Brooke, and he is willing to have more children with Brett. In Ontario, if the payor gets remarried, that will not reduce the payor's child support obligations. However, if Charlie has more children with Brett and then divorces from her, this could affect his child support payments to Denise and Brooke.

In Ontario, the Child Support Guidelines generally reduce the amount of child support a parent pays per child on the principle of economies of scale. However, this is not necessarily the case where the payor has children with different mothers. A judge may order that child support not be reduced per child as the Child Support Guidelines provide, because the cost of providing for the children must be fully incurred by each child support recipient.

Due to the unusually large amount of child support Charlie pays on a monthly basis, it's safe to say that Denise and Brooke will still be able to provide just as well for their children if Charlie does father another child and his child support obligations to his current children are reduced.

The good news for Denise and Brooke, however, is that if a spousal support payor remarries, he or she must continue paying the same amount of spousal support to the recipient, unless there is some other material change in circumstances.

Seeing as Charlie is uninterested in entering into a prenuptial agreement with Brett, he better hope his fourth marriage lasts forever. He explained, "Prenups poison marriages". He added that his prenuptial agreement would only be one line: "You keep your s*** and I’ll keep mine." According to Ontario law, if Charlie gets divorced from Brett without a prenuptial agreement, he would be subjected to equalization, where he could lose even more of his fortune. Upon separation, spouses in Ontario may receive an equalization payment, which equally divides the wealth acquired by the couple throughout the marriage.