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We were all shocked and somewhat horrified to learn that Nicole Polizzi, aka Snookie, the 4'10" binge drinking, no underwear wearing star of Jersey Shore, was having a child with on-again, off-again boyfriend, Jionni LaValle. Now, it appears there's a second Shore baby.

Fist pumping resident DJ, Pauly D, is apparently a baby-daddy. According to TMZ online, in the summer of 2012, the Las Vegas DJ impregnated Amanda Market, 25, one night after partying at the Rehab pool party at the Hard Rock Hotel.

And while I'm sure we'd all love to see a Jersey Shore: Second Generation spinoff, this story is nevertheless troubling given the parties apparent hatred for one another.

Earlier this week, Pauly D told TMZ that he was "proud [he's] a father" and is "excited to embark on this new part of [his] life."

But the good news ends there... Pauly D is now claiming that Market is unfit to be a mother, pointing to her former employment at Hooters and the fact that she is only 25 and is already a second-time mother. Apparently, the jet setting DJ, famous for his partying ways and for coining the term "grenade" to refer to unattractive women, thinks he will be the better parent and role model to his young daughter.

TMZ now reports that both parties have filed court documents; Market is seeking child support, while Pauly is seeking full legal custody of the child that he's never met.

So far, however, the parties can't even decide on the appropriate jurisdiction. While Market is a resident of New Jersey, Pauly D currently resides in Nevada. The Jersey star is now claiming that it is inconvenient for him to travel to Jersey every time there is a court appearance (although one might assume it would be equally inconvenient for Market to travel to Nevada). Some are speculating, however, that the reason for the contentious battle over jurisdiction may be more complex. Apparently, there is a presumption that parties share joint custody in Nevada, whereas no such presumption exists in New Jersey.

And Mr. D doesn't even seemed bothered by the fact that the child support order would likely be higher if he were to be awarded joint custody in Nevada. According to sources, the new father is more preoccupied with getting custody than paying support.

In Ontario, the jurisdiction of the court is decided by the "habitual residence" of the child. s. 22 of the Children's Law Reform Act (CLRA) establishes two alternate bases whereby an Ontario court may be found to have jurisdiction to make an order in respect of custody or access. First,) the child is "habitually resident" in Ontario. Second, the child is in Ontario, there is substantial evidence concerning the best interest of the child in Ontario, and there are no outstanding applications where the child is habitually resident or foreign orders. , The child has a real and substantial connection with Ontario, and the balance of convenience favours Ontario.

While the laws regarding jurisdiction are undoubtedly different in the United States, the fact that the child has only lived with Market in New Jersey thus far, means that New Jersey likely has jurisdiction in this matter.