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On November 5, 2013 Charlie Sheen tweeted to ex-wife Brooke Mueller, "you are a chubby weirdo who will lose at every turn trying to get between me and my boys. c." Sheen's twitter rampage was prompted by Mueller seeking a restraining order against Sheen to try to keep him away from their twin boys, Bob and Max.

Denise Richards, Charlie Sheen's other ex-wife, has had temporary guardianship of Bob and Max while Mueller has been attending in-patient rehab programs for drug addiction. This week, Richards wrote a letter to L.A. County Dept. of Children and Family Services (DCFS) DCFS advising that she no longer wants to care for Bob and Max because "they are violent and sadistic". Along with the letter, Richards included shocking before and after shots of Bob entering Mueller's home unmarked, but leaving with a substantial bruise to his head.

Sheen is now on a mission to get sole custody of Bob and Max. Sheen claims that every time the kids visit with Brooke, they are disturbed and suffer nightmares. However, Mueller is hoping to regain custody of her twins by impressing the DCFS with a new commitment to being sober. Sheen is lucky to have Richards vouching for him, promising that "Charlie Sheen is a fantastic father who dotes over his children and is always there for them", and that it is Mueller who is an unfit mother.

In court, Mueller sought to have Charlie's visitation rights with the twins removed and to have Denise Richards removed as temporary guardian of the children. The judge rejected both requests.

In Ontario, the Ontario Association of Children's Aid Societies (CAS) represents the best interests of the child. The relevant legislation is Ontario’s Child and Family Services Act (CFSA), which provides for a broad range of services for families and children, including children who are or may be victims of child abuse or neglect.

In the course of a CAS proceeding, the court may order that a child, parent of the child, or any person that would participate in a plan for the care and custody or access of a child undergo an assessment. If the DCFS in California commences an investigation, Sheen, Mueller, Richards, and children Bob and Max could face a similar assessment. This would hopefully reveal the real cause of Bob's severe bruising and protect the children from further harm.

It is hard to predict what the final custody and access order will be in the case of Sheen vs. Mueller. While Mueller is currently in rehab for drug abuse and has been arrested for a DUI, Sheen does not have the best track record either, with a restraining order against Mueller for his violent behaviour, not to mention a history of abusing drugs himself. While Richards seems like the best option for caring for the children, she says she is done with caring for them.