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Many of you may not be aware but Daniel Craig married Rachel Weisz on June 22 in New York. It was a very intimate setting, befitting the latest actor to depict international man of mystery James Bond, with only two friends, Daniel's 18 year old son and Rachel's 4 year old daughter.

Had the couple done this in Ontario, would their marriage be valid? The requirements for a valid marriage are listed in the Marriage Act. The act requires the couple to be:

(5.1) Of the age of majority
(7) Be mental competent to wed
(25) Is not in another valid marriage somewhere, and that the ceremony is witnessed by at least two individuals who sign the marriage license attesting to doing so

So, if we analyze Craig and Weisz's wedding, it seems clear that they meet all the requirements, and their marriage would have been valid in Ontario. Assuming of course that Craig or Weisz do not have any secret spouses hidden around the globe.

Marriages do not have to be large public affairs to be valid in Ontario.