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According to the press, Michael Douglas, famously known for the 1985 film "Wallstreet" and the sequel, "Wallstreet 2: Money Never Sleeps" had a lawsuit filed against him by his ex-wife Diandra Douglas. Diandra was seeking half of his paycheck from the new hit Wallstreet Movie 2. She claimed that she was entitled to half of his profits because the first film was made when the couple was married. She filed the lawsuit in the State of New York. The Judge did not consider the merits of the case as she indicated that Diandra had filed the lawsuit in the wrong jurisdiction. She should have filed the lawsuit where the parties obtained the Divorce, which was in California.

If this matter was dealt with in Ontario it would be handled in the same manner as the United States. The Judge would advise Diandra to bring the lawsuit against Michael in the Jurisdiction where the parties Divorced as this would be the most convenient jurisdiction.