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Fans of VH1are sure to remember watching MC Hammer officiate Sprague and Feldman's marriage on the set of The Surreal Life back in 2002. Unlike the Hammer, this marriage is not too legit to quit.

Sprague filed for divorce on October 22, 2009. She seeks sole custody of Zen, the couple's 5-year-old son, and spousal support.


In Ontario, the best interest of the child is of primary importance when determining custody. After weighing the factors relevant to determining the best interest of the child , the status quo is usually upheld. This means that whichever parent primarily cared for the child before separation and during separation proceedings will likely be awarded the primary caregiver.

According to Cory Feldman's official website, Sprague is a stay-at-home mother who cares for Zen. This means that Sprague would likely be granted primary custody of Zen if she filed for divorce in Ontario.

Spousal Support

In Ontario, Sprague would likely be entitled to Spousal Support based on The Compensatory Principle. This principle states that parties should be compensated for contributions they made to the other party's career or other accomplishments during their marriage.

Sprague stayed at home to care for Zen while Feldman pursued his career. This will likely entitle Sprague to compensation for her unpaid labour (i.e. taking care of Zen instead of pursuing her own career) in the form of spousal support.