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Beyonce Knowles is better known as one of the world's greatest R&B singers, and she is also known as being a songwriter, records producer, actress and model who is only 28 years old. Not only is she a woman of various talents and charisma, but she has parents who have been very supportive of her singing career. Moreover, her father Mathew Knowles has been her manager for years. Sources speculate that Beyonce's parents, Tina and Mathew are getting a divorce after about 29 years of marriage. The couple have two children, namely Beyonce and her younger sister who is 23 years old. Despite the alleged rumour that Beyonce's father might be named in a paternity suit from a woman who is not his wife, Beyonce's mother Tina insists that the decision to end their marriage is an amicable one and they want to remain friends and parents.

Had Beyonce's parents resided and initiated their divorce in Ontario instead of Texas, there would be various implications.

Considering Tina and Mathew Knowles upon separation do not have any dependent children, spousal support is to be determined based on a formula that is used for families without children. This formula is derived from the Spousal Support Advisory Guidelines (SSAG). According to the Ontario Court of Appeal, the guidelines must be followed unless a court can establish why they should divert from the guidelines. Also, a recipient of spousal support must establish need in order to use SSAG.

When considering whether one is entitled to spousal support, a number of factors are considered such as the following: the length of the marriage, the need for financial support, the need to compensate a spouse for the economic hardship they endured from the marriage, a spouse's contributions to enhance the other's career, and disability or illness, to name a few.

If Mathew Knowles has a higher income than his wife potentially due to managing his successful daughter Beyonce, and Tina could show a need for spousal support, it is plausible that Tina may expect spousal support had she been divorcing in Ontario because their marriage was over 20 years, and considered long term.

Given Mathew and Tina Knowles were married, an equalization payment would be sought in Ontario in order to divide the couples' assets. For further information regarding equalization payments, please refer to this page. Mathew and Tina would not be claiming any child support given both of their children are adults and independent. The irony is that one of Beyonce's hit singles with her former group, Destiny's Child, is entitled, "Independent Women".

Another fascinating aspect of this case is both parties are not acrimonious thus far. With this said, it would be appropriate for both parties to consider initially negotiating amongst themselves regarding legal issues surrounding their martial breakdown. If such negotiations prove to be amenable to both parties, the next step would be to formalize and finalize such negotiations through a Separation Agreement. Also, parties seek independent legal advice in order to ensure that the Separation Agreement is not unconscionable whereby such Separation Agreement if brought before the court would be set aside. Basically, independent legal advice ensures that the parties understand each clause in the Separation Agreement and the implications of such terms and concessions made, and whether the terms are reasonable. If Mathew and Tina are as friendly and cooperative as some may think, such a divorce may end easily.