I Really Did Love Him - Kim Kardashian's Deposition

Kim Kardashian recently testified under oath during her deposition in Los Angeles that when she accepted Kris Humphries's proposal, that she really did love him.

The deposition took place at Kim's lawyer's (Laura Wasser) office and lasted approximately 9 hours. Kris is trying to have the couples' 72-day marriage annulled based on fraud. The Hump's lawyer probed for evidence that Kim defrauded Kris, trying to prove that Kim only married him for the purposes of her reality show. Sources confirm that the deposition did not help Kris's case. Kris did not even show up to the deposition and he did not even have a b-ball game that day.

Kim testified that her reality show, Keeping up with the Kardashians, played no part in her decision to marry Kris.

The parties have been going at it for almost a year and half. Their trial is set for May 6.

In Ontario, a deposition is also known as a "questioning". Questionings can be conducted at any point during the family law process. The purpose of questioning is for either lawyer to question the other party regarding any issues of the case.

If the questioning is related to a Financial Statement, the other party must serve a "Request for Information" Form.

Questioning about any other issue can only take place with the consent of both parties or if the court orders that a questioning be conducted. The first step is for the party who requested the questioning to serve the other party with a Notice of Questioning. This Notice will set out where and when the questioning will take place. Usually, a questioning is done at a Court Reporter's Office and is transcribed.

During a questioning, the opposing counsel will question the opposite party. Once the questioning is complete, either party may request a copy of the transcript from the Reporter. Once the parties have the transcript, it can be filed with the court so that some or all of it can be used as evidence.

Questioning can be a helpful tool in terms of settling some issues in a case. Once the lawyers have some of the evidence that would be use during Trial, it gives them a better idea of how a Judge may decide some of the facts in the case. This often brings parties closer to a resolution.

With Trial in just over a month away, it will be interesting to see how this matter turns out and what other information will come out of the deposition.